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Troy Charter


Troy, Is hereby established to serve and protect its members and it’s allies. We shall do whatever it takes to make sure that the righteous prevail in CN. We are a blue alliance, however we do not discriminate against color, size, or experience.

Article I: Membership

To gain membership, an application must be filled out and the applicant must go through the Troy Training Academy and pass. You must do these things before you can gain the starting aid of 3,000,000. To gain membership in Troy, you may not be involved in war. All applicants must have Troy in their alliance affiliation while being processed or they will not be able to gain membership to Troy. To gain a government position in Troy a member must pass the Troy training academy with at least a 95%. The membership positions in Troy are as follows:

Section I: Emperor

The Emperor are at the head of Troy. The Emperor has the right to vote on any and all things that effect Troy. The Emperor will remain in power until they decide to leave Troy or until they are removed from power. The Emperor will make sure that government members aren’t abusing their powers.

There is 1 Emperor.

Section II: Elder Council

The Elder Council members are a table of three created to advise Emperor. These members are appointed by the Emperor. These members shall act as a senate to Troy and shall remain in power until removed or until they retire.

Section III: Royal Lord

The Royal Lord is at the head of the table of Lords and has the duty of overseeing that they remain active and that they are doing their job properly and not abusing their power. During the occasion that an Elder Council member or Lord is not able to fulfill their duties the Royal Lord will fill in for them. This member is appointed by the Elder Council and is approved by Emperors.

Section IV: Table of Lords

This is a table of Lords that are voted into office by Troy public every 6 months. These members however are approved by the Emperors. There are 3 Lords each holding a special title and job as follows:

Lord of Foreign Affairs: This member has a responsibility to handle all of the foreign affairs of Troy.

Lord of Defense: This member has a responsibility to build an army, Keep it in shape, and be prepared for war at all times.

Lord of Economics: This member has a responsibility to lay out an aid program that meets the demands of the Emperor. This member is also in charge of making sure that the nations of Troy have the right trades and they are in charge building a treasury for Troy.

Section V: Knights

These members shall serve as deputies to the Lords. Each Lord may name no more than one knight to serve them. These members must have passed the Troy Training Academy with at least an 85%. These members have all rights offered by Troy.

Section VI: Squires

These are members who have passed the Troy Training Academy. These members have access to the treasury and have the right to tech raid.

Section VII: Serfs

These members are members who have been accepted into Troy but have not passed the Troy Training Academy. These members may only receive military and diplomatic aid. These members have absolutely no rights in Troy.

Article III: Removal

Section I: Emperors

The Emperor can be removed by a 3 of 3 vote by the Elder Council and Royal Lord or Vote by a eighty percent vote from the alliance members.

Section II: Elder Council

These members can be removed by the by the Emperor by agreeing to do so or can by a majority vote from the alliance.

Section III: Lords

Lords can be removed from power by all members of government higher than a Royal Lord, however the Emperor and must approve it.

Section IV: Knights

These members can only be removed by the Lord who appoints them or by the Emperor, or Elder Council.

Section V: Squires

These members may be removed from Troy, by any government members higher than the Royal Lord. This action must be approved by the Emperor.

Section VI: Serfs

These members can be removed from the by any government member higher than the Royal Lord.

Article IV: Voting

Section I: Treaties, Amendments, and Bills

All treaties, new articles, and bills must be voted on by the Emperor, and Elder Council. Each members vote is equal. The Emperors may pass anything without the consent of the Elder Council by agreeing with one another, unless the entire Elder Council votes the opposite way. All votes must be cast within 48 hours after the time the treaty, article, or bill was proposed.

Section II: Cancellation of Treaties, Amendments, and Bills

At anytime the Emperor, or Elder Council may cancel a treaty, article, or law. Each members vote is equal. Cancellation can take place without the consent of the Elder Council with the Emperor agreeing that it is in the best interest of the alliance to cancel.

Section III: Emperor Privilege‘s.

At anytime something is left up for vote for 48 hours without approval or denial, the Emperor may make the decision to approve or deny it. However may not make a decision on any matter that will tamper with any government member’s powers or position without both the Emperor agreeing to do so.

Article V: Aiding/Tech raiding

Only members of Troy who have passed the Troy Training Academy will be allowed to tech raid. Members may not raid red nations, nuclear capable nations, or nations in alliances. All raids must be approved by the Emperor, or an Elder Council member. No member may send aid to members of other alliances without the consent of the Emperor or an Elder Council member. All nations who break this rule will be forced to pay reps and may be kicked out of Troy.

Article VI: DoW’s and Peace Agreements

Section I: DoW

The Emperor, and Elder Council may ask for a DoW at anytime. To issue a DoW, the Emperor and a Majority of the Elder Council must agree to do so. This process is only necessary if the alliance that will be attacked has 5 or more members.

Section II: Peace Agreements

The Emperor is the only member who has the right to issue peace agreements, unless they are not available and won’t be available for the upcoming 24 hours in which the Elder Council may issue a peace agreement by a majority vote.

Article VII: Code of Conduct

This Article Recognizes the Code of Conduct, Which is a book of laws and codes that says exactly what members may not do. This Code of Conduct is only valid once signed by the Emperor.

Article VIII: Foreign Relations

The Emperor along with the elder council, reserve the right to deny any request for relations by any alliance.

Article VIIII: Validation

This charter is only valid once signed by the Emperor at the time of creation.


Troy Emperor:


IRC Channel: #CNtroy

Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/CN_Troy/index.php?

Why you should join us:

Welcome fellow players,

We are a new alliance called Troy, we are a brand new alliance who would like to ask you to join us. I would like you to join Troy and help us grow and prosper, in return we offer you protection from Tech raiders and rogues and we offer you friendship and aid to help you grow and become superior in the game. We aid new member’s 1,000,000-3,000,000 each who join Troy. Our Alliance is new, therefore you can get a leadership position and your ideas will help shape the alliance.

Our Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/CN_Troy/index.php

You need to go there and register and post an application to join our alliance.


Troy Members.

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