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Concerning Radio Sig


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Koona of the New Pacific Order recently manufactured an image that displays various statistics about the radio at the current time, including song artist and title. I've adopted the use of said image as part of my signature; while making a post on the boards, however, I noticed that a song title used a word not allowed on the boards, yet (as a signature) it wasn't censored.

Is this image, then, barred from use on the forums? I've left it in my signature for the time being, both for utility and to give moderation a good look at it. Just being proactive so I don't potentially break any rules.

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Well the forum mechanics aren't meant to detect words found in images. That kind of software is used by phishers to automatically hack accounts by ways of automation (why everyone has CAPTCHA).

Anyway, I'm pretty sure a censored word in a sig is forbidden. But in the past, members who were unsure have asked for validation by Staff members as to whether or not they were allowed- so I'll just ask one of them to check it out.

But you should always ask first (if you're on the fence) , before you actually put it on your signature.

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