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Selling Tech

Aiden Ford

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Sooo, it looks like I am back in the land of the Living.

I am looking for Long Term Tech Deals. Meaning the Following.

A. This will last more than one tech Deal, in order for either party to Cancel, they will have to give a 10 day notice.

B. This keeps lets you get security.


Why choose West Virginia?

A. We are located on the Scenic Red Team, meaning that we are protected by the Big, Bad NPO

B. West Virginia is known around Planet Bob in the Alliance Spectrum because of its Illustrius Leader, Aiden Ford(Formerally SGA-Ford)

C. Because, we melt Face.


Anyone wishing to engage in business, may use this Nifty Link to my Nation. Now remember people, girls like guys who buy from Aiden.

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