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Most use photoshop I would assume. However GIMP is a popular free alternative for photoshop. If you want to make a simple flag MS paint would work great as well. MS paint, if you are using windows, should already be on your computer.

As for tips, just experiment, mess around with things until you find a design you like. Good luck!

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You can ask around for someone that makes avatars and graphics for people, many of them will help you make a flag as well.

It would help if you atleast draw out your design idea so that they have something to work with. But I'm pretty sure you can make it yourself as well. It depends a bit on your skills and on how advanced the flag is (it shouldn't be too advanced or it will be difficult to make out at a distance).

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i can make flags good.... go to the link in my sig: the PhotoType one and post a request.

only costs what you make in two days.

nice flags... i've made a few but what ever... not a flag maker.. more of a sig maker... flags are too simple and i'm not a simple person

BTW... your photobucket is PW protected

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You want to know what everything means?

Well the symbols around the star represent how I shall organize the alliance: I'm splitting it up into kingdoms. Each has a name. The star represents how each of them connect to create the alliance. They merge into the center where an O is modelled to also look like an E at the same time, which are the initials of the alliance. The Red symbolises how bright and glorious it will be.

Going Clockwise:

The Snake Intwined Pan

The Unity of Ice and Wood

The Fish, Banana and Beverage

The Barred Hare

The Halvened Unition

The Infant Lollipops

The Crest of Cranios

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