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I Hate the Airport...

Il Terra Di Agea

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About One Year ago

God, the airport, I hate the airport, He thought to himself as he grabbed his luggage and began to walk off.

One big mess. What I wouldn't give to see a friendly face in this mob. Anyone familiar, a friend, family member, even an old army buddy, well, except for him. God, I would hate to see him. That damn doctor, can't speak properly, over zealous about his murdering, an utter mad man, without a doubt. He chuckled a bit, and under his breath whispered, "Well, now that I've though about him, that means he'll show up. Knock on wood."

He reached his hand out to knock on the wooden door to his right, but his fist didn't hit the door. No, no no no no! he though as he realized what he had hit. The faint smell of cigarettes, the feeling of thick wool, and under it a head.

"Baggs? First time we see each other ten years, and my face you hit?" Dr. Komeil said, a smile forming under his black ski mask.

"Hello, Komeil..." Baggs responded, clearly angry that Komeil still called him 'Baggs', "What's... up"

"Life of crime."

"Well, good to know we both chose the same god awful life. What kind of crime have you been in?"

"Assassination, mostly. Did some work too as be lawyer. You?"

"That's awful, I cringe at the thought of lawyers. Robbery, kidnapping, blackmail, that sort of stuff. Working on some schooling too."

"*Pffffft* Petty crime."


"Oh, no, Meaned I... suo-SHEE" (How it's pronounced, not an anglicized version)

"That's Chinese for 'petty', Komeil"

"Sitničav? óverulegur? Küçük?"

"Croatian, Icelandic, Turkish, shut up. I have a plane to catch Komeil, and unless you have something to say that's important, or gramatically correct, I need to go."

"Yes, I have thing for you that be important. A big job!"

"Oh, a job wow.... No."

"A millions dollars job. Big time. I was going to cut my last tea thee profits, but they got a bit injured... by bullets... in their brains... from my gun."

"Odd, but I don't think I'll be losing sleep over it."

"I've got layout, entrance code… Believe me, it practically robs self.

"Bye-bye, now."

"You cannot just leave me here, with no team or plane tickets for to travel"

"I can."

"I... I!... I'll die!"

"Well, as a courtesy, you might want to get busy on that, because all this chatter isn't doing me any kindness."

"Why do not you just shoot me then?"

"If I was going to shoot you, you would be dead... or at least bleeding...a lot."

"Baggs, I am become sorry for what need I do now."

"Touche" Baggs slid to the ground, a heavy $@tail of sedatives in his blood, enough to put out an elephant. Komeil propped him up, and walked him on to the wrong plane...

OOC: Bored, decide to give a brief history of Komeil, while setting up for future RP.

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"You tied me up, really. Why... Why?" Baggs said as he first began to wake up from the drugs, "And why does my head hurt?"

"Your head hurt because I break chair on it, try to wake you up, then I realize the drugs I use were very powerful."

"Where am I?"

"A building."

"... well, I can't honestly say that I expected more."

Komeil stood, facing Baggs, but saying nother, not even moving in the slightest.

"Sooooo, are you going to untie me?"

"Are you going to kill me?"


"Ok, that be good." Komeil walked over and began to untie the ropes, making sure to do it slowly.


"No. You will be stay tied." Komeil said , laughing as he re-tightened the ropes, "Alright, I promise big job at airport, yes?"

"Oh, shi-. The airport, I missed my flight."


"Fine, I hate you so much Komeil"

"Alright, we steal lots of gold, and sell it."


"And what?"

" You entire plan is to steal gold?"

"Lots, lots of gold"

"I want you to die now."

"We go over this, I no feel in mood die now."


"Nap time."

"Shoot..." Komeil injected another round of sedatives into Baggs' shoulder.

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"Komeil? KOMEIL YOU SON OF A !@#$%*!!!!!!! UNTIE ME!!!!!!!" Baggs screamed from the small back room he had been trapped in for days.

"No, no no Baggs. My moo-oh-ther (He pronounced it like that) always was in the saying that you catch more flies with honey than with the vinegar. It dirty lie, but still."

"What, what do you need me to do to get you to free me?"

"Job... Wait, you don't have a mom?"

"Oh yes, your brilliant master plan to steel gold..."

"Yes, you hep me, I let you go. No string attached."




Komeil had a smile visible beneath his mask as he heard Baggs screaming, and began to untie the heavy ropes.

"Komeil?" Baggs said, almost whispering as he rubbed his arms.

"Yes old frie-*uhgggg*" Komeil was cut off the the leather coated fist that shot into his lower jaw.

"You ever tie me up, kidnap me, or drug me again, your bones will cease connection to your flesh."

"That Baggs I used to know... Oh... Owww, that hurt face..."

"Get me a map, a computer, and a phone book."

Komeil moaned from the ground, clutching his broken jaw in his hands.

"Sooo, I'll get those for my self."

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"Komeil, I just realized, whatever we do, we're going to need a team, and a good one," Baggs said as he walked around the dark room.

*Crunch* "Weh, we couh juss goo and geh address buh." Komeil mumbles as he ate his sandwich.

"What? Wait, Komeil, how are you eating, I broke your jaw?"

"No, no, no Baggs, I was just be too lazy for to get stuff you ask for."

"*Sigh* Komeil, what were you saying."

"I have address book with many good criminals for team for to steal gold."

"Good... wait, you have an address book full of known criminals?"

"Yes, who does not have?"

"Ugh, you will be the death of me Komeil..."

"I do not doubt that, buddy."

Baggs walked over and grabbed the book, clearly labeled "Criminals". He sat down and began to leaf through the pages of names, looking for people with several crimes, and few arrests under their belts. Within an hour, Baggs had his team, and he was admittedly proud of his accomplishment.

George Layhe: Technology Expert

John Patrick Mason: Safe-cracker

Francis X. Hummel: Back up (He shoots people)

Tom Baxter: Driver

Carla Pestalozzi: Breaking and Entering (She breaks into things)

Jason DuPont: Explosives

Arron Frye: Historian (He says what to take)

All was set to go...


Three days Later

"Good, good, you're all here," Baggs said to the group of robbers, murderers, and generally mean-spirited people before him, "Now, we are here to get you what you need to pull off our job," Baggs flipped over the white-board that stood to his left, "We are breaking into the museum of Natural History. The red dots, indicate our opposition, the ... Yes Mr. Hummel

"I'm gunna need a bigger gun..." Hummel said as he stood, wide eyed staring at what he would be up agaisnt...

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Baggs stepped away from the board, and sat down in a dirty, old reclining chair, "Any questions?" He muttered, staring (as much as he could through the bag) at Hummel, who had more questions than anyone throughout the explination.

"Uhh, yes," Hummel said, feeling Baggs' glare through the brown paper bag, "Are we going to have any other back up, or am I going to have to take out most of the guards, cause that may be a bit much for me?"

"Yes, my... associate Dr. Komeil will also provide some firepower."

Baxter stood from his chair, "No F---ing way am I going to work with that sonnuva !@#$%* Komeil. Last time I worked with him, he tore my arm out of it's socket, and shot me in the leg!"

In his usual polite demeanor, Lahye asked, "Why?"

"Because I drove too fast! I'm a get away driver, it's my job to drive fast!"

"But not for to have get us killed!" Komeil yelled from the next room.

Dr. Frye stood from the ground, "We aren't going to steel any gold."

"What?" Baggs asked, the tone of his voice showing surprise.

"I took this job because I happen to know that there is a rather large shipment coming in to the museum this weekend."

"What kind of shipment?"

"A private collection, hundreds of artifacts, each worth more than the last. The man was an archaeologists, and anthropologist, but he kept all his finds, and often refused to tell people what he had. His publicly viewed collection was worth sixty million, the private is estimated to be worth over a billion, and in a few days, the museum gets both to study and display."

"Holy sh*t..." Baggs stood, shoulders slouched for a moment, "Men, and woman, we are going to be rich."

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After an hour formulating their new plan, the clock had finally struck midnight, and Baggs dismissed the team for the night, "Alright everyone, Komeil is going to help you all to your rooms, and god help you."

Hummel leaned towards DuPont and whispered, "What do you think he means?"

Dupont leaned back, "I don't know, probably explosives and guns around. I know criminals, they all hide their crap in extra rooms."

"I hope so..."

Komeil leaned towards DuPont, "You need room, or want sleep on floor?"

DuPont, clearly spooked spun around, "Yah, anything with a bed."

"Ooo, then I can put you in with Kitty cat, Mr. Whisker-Bottom."

"Oh, Okay, I like cats..."

Komeil stepped to the door, and slowly opened it. "Mistah Whiskah boh-um! We got new freind foh you!"

DuPont stepped into the dark room, and flipped on the light, and when he was most vulnerable, most calm, he was met with the last thing he expected.


A loud roar echoed from Komeil's Tiger, followed by a scream from DuPont...

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Baxter blinked several times at the sheer thickness of the dark all around him. His head was on fire, he needed a smoke, bad. He pulled himself out of bed, and walked through the house, fumbling with his lighter the whole way.

"There we go!" He yelled a bit too loud as he got the fire up, "Ahhhh..."

He took a deep breath, and stepped into the kitchen, looking for something to drink. He dug through the fridge, finally settling for the milk in the back. The opaque container seemed harmless enough, the date was fine, and it felt full. He began to twist the top, but stopped as a faint whistle shot out. "What the..." He stopped as he saw the flame on his Cigarette shot upwards, and preceded to launch fire down onto the container, and explode.

Everyone ran into the smoking room, coated in a thick layer of black soot.

"What the hell happened in here?" Baggs yelled, weary.

"-Mew?-" Mr. Whisker-Bottom inquired, which was met with a resounding, "HOLY !@#$! WHY IS THERE A TIGER IN HERE!?!"

Komeil walked out from his room and politely stated, "Milk explode for had Acetylene in."

"Why did you have Acetylene in a milk container?" Frye said, clearly bothered.

"Because I need Acetylene container for to store milk."

"But... But..." Frye yelled.

"Just... don't ask Frye. It will only bring more questions," Baggs said, "Night all, Night Mr. Whisker-Bottom, see you all tomorrow."


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Baggs stood from bed, and stretch out his arms. A new morning, a new chance, a new... His thought was cut short by the loud squishing noises from down the hall.

Nope, it's all going to be the same as yesterday.

Baggs walked out of his room, taking care not t wake anyone else, after the screaming, explosions, and Komeil's sandwich delivery, no one had got the sleep that they needed. "Hey... you? What the hell are you doing this early?" Baggs said, trying to hold back a yawn.

"Damn toilet's clogged, looks like there's some sort of... plant... matter in it," Mason responded, shaking, and clearly nervous.

"Sooo, you tried to flush your weed?"

"Uhhhhh... yes."

"*Sigh* Toilet's old, and probably been "fixed" by Komeil more than once. No wonder it doesn't work."


"What, you no like fix job I do make?" Komeil said, grabbing Baggs' and Mason's shoulders.

"Yah Komeil, the toilet's clogged... and full of drugs," Baggs responded.

"Get me parachute and twenty kilos thermite, I am be going in."

Gaggs sighed, and walked out of the bathroom to get the stuff.


Later That Day

Baggs stepped in front of the team, far later than expected due to the rather serious plumbing issues of the morning.

"Alright team, we have our plan, we move tomorrow. Everything is timed, but we can't be carrying schedules around all night, so ou'll all have to memorize them tonight..."

Hummel made a quick noise.

"Except you Hummel, you just need to shoot everyone." Baggs said, no emotion in his voice.

Mason raised his hand, "Uhh, the schedule says that I need to crack the safe in ten minutes, I haven't been able to crack it that fast, ever."

"Then good luck shaving that minute off," Baggs responded, a bit stressed, "Now, as you can see, Baxter, Pestalozzi, DuPont, Frye and Komeil are all gone. They are rigging up the museum for tomorrow night to give us a bit of leeway with our movements and time, but you all really need to try and stick to the schedule. The schedule is your new god, follow it's word."

Layhe raised his hand, "I'm an atheist..."

"Yah, well I have a gun. Go find religion," Baggs' voice sounded happy as he removed his hand gun and ushered people into their rooms.

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Baggs stood from bed, and stretch out his arms. A new morning, a new chance, a new... His thought was cut short by the loud squishing noises from down the hall.

Nope, it's all going to be the same as yesterday.

Baggs walked out of his room, taking care not t wake anyone else, after the screaming, explosions, and Komeil's sandwich delivery, no one had got the sleep that they needed. "Hey... you? What the hell are you doing this early?" Baggs said, trying to hold back a yawn.

"Damn toilet's clogged, looks like there's some sort of... plant... matter in it," Mason responded, shaking, and clearly nervous.

"Sooo, you tried to flush your weed?"

"Uhhhhh... yes."

"*Sigh* Toilet's old, and probably been "fixed" by Komeil more than once. No wonder it doesn't work."


"What, you no like fix job I do make?" Komeil said, grabbing Baggs' and Mason's shoulders.

"Yah Komeil, the toilet's clogged... and full of drugs," Baggs responded.

"Get me parachute and twenty kilos thermite, I am be going in."

Gaggs sighed, and walked out of the bathroom to get the stuff.

OOC: Can't...control...my...laughing...

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Komeil stood up, and calmly said, "Alright, for big crimes be tomorrow, I make for you all big, special dinner! Traditional food, very good. Everyone sit down, except Baggs, you not need stay."

Baggs stopped holding his breath, and grabbed his jacket, only to be confronted by a quick question from Hummel, "Uhh, why are you leaving?"

"I'll leave it at this, the last thing Komeil cooked for me was a cup of coffee, I had three feet of intestine and a kidney removed," Baggs responded.

Hummel chuckled a bit to Baggs' remark. Baggs spun around from the door, "It's not a joke."

Hummel turned pale as he sat back down at Komeil's dinner table. As everyone began to let their guard down on their first break of the week, Komeil bust through the door, brandishing a large plate of Jello, molded into a large pan. "For fist course," He said, "We be having traditional Komeil family food, Vfiska Gelatinet, very good for body and for brain."

He carefully placed the plate down on the table, and ran back into the kitchen. Everyone huddled around the strange food, wondering why it smelled like fish, that became all to clear very, very fast.

Carla Pestalozzi screamed as she first caught glimpse of the eyes, oddly much lower pitched and softly than the ear curdling shriek that shot from the mouth of Hummel.


"I... is that a fish?" Baxter asked, turning his head sideways to get a better look.

"I think that it is..." DuPont said, still apprehensive.

They all sat for several minutes, staring at the "food" Komeil had given them to eat. The idea that anyone would ever eat that was... disgusting to say the least. As they sat, pondering what to do with the abomination before them, Komeil slowly walked back into the room. "Why not eat? Food good, yes?" Komeil said, puzzled, "Here, Mason, take bite." Komeil reached towards the center of the table, and grabbed a handful of the fish filled jello, and despite screams, shoved it into Mason's mouth.

"There, see. Good," Komeil said, smiling.

Mason gagged a bit, before forcing himself to swallow the lump of dried fish in his throat. Komeil preceded to bring out plate after plate of food; dried fish, burnt meat, blended god-knows-what. With every plate the team grew more and more weary of the hideous food being presented to them.

After a night of being force fed some of the worst things they had ever eaten, the entire team retreated to their rooms, leaving Komeil to eat the leftovers.

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5:00 AM, International Airport

Baxter and Carla stepped slowly out of their taxi, trying to be as inconspicuous as they could.They were both dressed in plain clothing, and carrying suitcases that would draw no attention, until inspected. Amid the noise and bustle of the airport, they would seem invisible, just as planned. They both stepped into line, and relaxed a bit, they were half way there. It was an hour before they could make their next move.

A near silent ding echoed out from across the plaza, and a cold voice said, Gate seven, now unloading passengers from flight 815 to Los Angeles. Carla and Baxter carefully stepped out of line, and stepped into the crowd of people getting off of their plane. They pushed their way into the middle where they could not be seen, and calmly left the airport, leaving one of their bags unattended.


7:35 AM

Everything was going to plan. The bomb dogs found the luggage, and the rest was protocol. Half the city's police rushed out to "fight the terrorists" and make sure that order was kept among the thousands forced from the airport for their own safety. The bag itself was no real threat, just a bag of piping, metal fragments, worthless electrical components haphazardly stuck together with the occasional wire, all sorts of smells to convince them that the bag was full of poison gases and nuerotoxins, and of course, a bit of packing foam for good measure.

The police came from everywhere, especially low risk places like the museum...

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12:00 PM Komeil's Apartment

"In breaking news," The polite newscaster said in a voice that seemed far too calm for the situation, "Two more bombs have been found across the city, bringing the total number up to seventeen. Police have been confounded, both by the nature of the bombs, and their spread across the city, targeting major airports, bus stations, and subway lines. Those who have to commute to work have been asked to stay at home if they cannot walk, and those who arrived before the police made this request are being asked to stay at work. So far, no bomb has been detonated, either by the police, or the terrorist group responsible..."

Baggs flipped off the television, and walked down the hall, with a spring in his step. "Hummel, my good freind, everything is going to plan," He yelled out as he passed Hummel's room. Baggs sat down in his own room and began to get himself organized. He removed all sorts of assorted weapons, from throwing knifes, to handguns, slipping each carefully into pockets in his suit jacket, as he had done so many times before.

Baggs stood up, and walked out of his room, ready to get rich.

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9:30 PM Museum of History

The sun had just began to set, and the streets were silent and abandoned. The plan had worked like a charm, scare the police into searching every venue of public transportation, or place of meetings. The only thing in their way were a bunch of concomitant wannabe cops, guarding their hidden treasure. The team, all nine of them, slowly walked towards the museum's loading bay. "Hey, Hey!" The guard yelled, a look of fear beginning to cross over his face, "You can't come in here!"

"Yes we can, we have a pass," Baggs said calmly, "Mr. Hummel, show the nice man our pass."

Hummel smiled, "Here we go, a 38 caliber pass, good for all of us!" He took a handgun from his side and fired at the man's head.

Baxter looked repulsed, he had no intention of taking up arms like that.

Komeil chimed in, "Alright, Hummel, you for grab body, we bring along, for use as shield, yes?"

"Eh, I'd rather not," Hummel said, a little revolted.

"Alright, but you be sorry when need stop bullets."

Layhe got up onto the bay and began to unscrew the pad for the code lock, "Alright guys, door... is... open!" He yelled a bit in his excitement as the door began to slowly rise. As everyone began to walk in, Baggs yelled behind him, "Komeil, leave it."

"Ohhh," Komeil said as he dropped the body and ran to catch up.

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9:45, Museum of History

Baggs walked into the main entrance, looking around at the art hanging from the walls, and the statues that lines the floors. He calmly stepped next to a guard and looked at a large statue, "Hey, Do you know what this thing here is?" He said, a happy tone to his voice.

"Uhhh, What are you doing here, the museum is closed?" The frightened guard said, starting to shake.

Baggs put his arm around the guard's shoulder, "I'm here to pick some stuff up, so what is that?"


"To bad," Baggs said, cutting the guard off. He stuck a syringe into the man's shoulder, "It'll put you to sleep, and make you forget the last couple of hours, but otherwise you'll be fine." Baggs paused for a moment, "Oh! It's an eighth century BC carving of a yak. 'Aint that swell!"

The rest of the team began to file in, carrying the gear for the robbery with them. Baggs coughed a bit, "Well, now we split up. Layhe, Frye and Carla, go down to storage, and grab everything you can, most expensive stuff first. Mason, Hummel and Komeil, go to the vault, crack it, grab the gold. Baxter, DuPont and I are off to the natural history wing, we have a buyer in for a dinosaur, and you know us, we deliver."

They acknowledged the plan, and split up into the corridors of the dark museum, a feeling of dread in the air...

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10:02 Back Hall

In a puff of dust, and a loud crack, the relatively flimsy door to the back stairs tore off from it's hinges and locks. Layhe, Frye, and Carla were in no hurry, theirs was the least labor intensive mission; Gab what they can, and leave, could not be simpler. The next door was a bit harder of a problem. Lahye bent down, and looked at the lock from all angles, mumbling about deadbolts and interfaces. "Lahye, are you gunna get that thing off, or do we have to get DuPont over to blow it off?" Carla said, a tinge of sarcasm to her voice.

"No... I think I get get it..." Layhe mumbled, as he began to unpack his computer, and rip off the lock's plastic front plate. "Damn that's complex..."

Ten minutes passed in the cold stairway, bathed only in the cool blue light of Lahye's computer screen. "I... I know how to break the lock," He said, almost frightened.

"Well?" Frye asked, a bit skeptical.

"I don't want to do this..." Lahye trailed off as he pulled out his computer batter, and pushed it up agaisnt the circuits of the lock. A blinding blast of light shot out of the lock, followed by a small cracking noise.

"Alright, we need to go back up and et the fire extinguisher," Lahye said, a bit calmer now.

"What?! That wasn't supposed to happed?!" Frye yelled.

"No... that was the plan. Light the door on fire. Lock isn't worth anything when it isn't connected to anything."

Frye stood, a look of shock on his face, unable to decide if that was idiotic, or ingenious.

10:09 Jewels of the World Exhibit

Komeil, Hummel, and Mason stepped into the room, un-phased by whatever would get to them. Hummel grunted a bit, and pulled down a set of infra-red goggles, and began to look around. "We got three heat signatures in the next room, terminate?"

"Of course, be guest!" Komeil said, excited to be on a mission.

Hummel pulled his heavy gun up to his arms to fire his machine gun, not dissimilar to a minigun, clearly built mostly by hand, covered with switches and lights. A loud buzz began to emanate through the museum's corridors, as Hummel opened fire, through the walls at the guards on the other side. Before Hummel could finish firing, Komeil had disappeared into the hall.


A lone guard stepped from the small break room after hearing the noise. He couldn't place what it was, but it sounded like some of the machine guns he had used back in the war, but why would anyone bring a minigun to a museum. He ran out, drawing his weapon, and turned the corner into the main hall, empty except for a fellow guard slumped agaisnt the wall.

"Boo, ba doo, ba doo ba doo doo..." Someone was saying to the tone of a jack in the box.

"Who's there!" The guard yelled, echoing out into the museum. He began to back up agaisnt the wall, the singing just as loud in the room.

"Pop go the weasel!" Komeil yelled from behind the pillar, as he punched him in the face, breaking his jaw in at least one place...

10:05 Natural History Wing

Baggs, DuPont and Baxter stepped into the hall, and slowly walked up to their prize, a giant tyrannosaurus rex, dangling from the ceiling. "Baxter, get the car, Dupont, plant the bombs, we want that thing down with all of the cables connecting the joints." Baggs said, in a clear voice.

"And you Baggs?" Baxter said.

"I will stay here, and eat a sandwich."

Baxter stood, speechless for a moment, before leaving Baggs to his snack.

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10: 23, Back hall

Lahye, Frye and Carla slowly tread into the smoke filled room, hoping that the artifacts within were still whole. Frye bent down at the nearest crate, "We need this one, it's pottery and coins, untraceable," he muttered as he stood up and walked to the next crate.

Crate to crate, he chose what was, and what wasn't worth taking, trying to make sure they only grabbed the most valuable items, and making sure that they could not be traced back to the robbery. "And, statue... large yak... we take this one too." He muttered, taking a deep breath. "Everything with the "X" on it, take it up to the truck.

"What? There are forty boxes, easy with the "X", we can't take all of those up!" Lahye yelled.

"Well the room has one entrance, how do you think we can get out?"

Lahye stood for a moment, thinking.

"You see," Frye said with a tinge of superiority to his voice, "You carry them up."

10:30, Jewels of the World Exhibit

Komeil, Mason, and Hummel sprinted down the hall, followed closely by fifteen guards, all reacting to the same security breach. Komeil pulled out his gun and yelled, "Hummel, kill all!" and Hummel was glad to do it.

A hail of hot lead shot down the halls, breaking priceless artifacts all the way. Komeil made a quick turn into the atrium, and dove beneath an exhibit showcasing eggs.

"Oh dammit, no bullets.." He muttered as the guard force stepped into the room.

"We have you surrounded!" The head guard yelled, fearfully, "Come out with your hands up!"

"No!" Komeil yelled back.

"Get out now, or we shoot!"

"No, plan working good, you drop guns, and no have die."

"There's nothing you can do. You dropped your briefcase, your freinds are in here with you, and I assume you don't have any bullets left, considering you haven't fired again."

"But plan still go exactly good."

"How, there isn't anything you can do?"

Komeil slowly stood, arms in the air, "Oh, but there be is. I have $@! in hole!"

"$@!? in... hole? What?"

Another guard spoke up, "I think he means 'Ace in the hole.'"

"Yes, yes. $@! in hole!" Komeil responded, happy that someone was smart enough to understand.

"What, you have nothing left," the lead guard responded, getting a little bit impatient.

"But I have... WHISKER-BOTTOM!!!!!!" As Komeil screamed, among the sounds of cracking glass from the glass dome above. With a deafening shatter, Mr. Whisker-Bottom fell from the ceiling, connected to a long rope. He roared as he saw the frightened scatter, except for their leader, who stood looking in awe, until Whisker-Bottom's teeth clamped down on his skull, killing him instantly.

"That good Whisker-Bottom, have herring," Komeil exclaimed as he took a dead herring from his coat pocket and threw it up to the dangling tiger.

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