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Wanted: Government Officials for Alliance Startup


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Two members, each with two years of in-game and alliance-administrative experience, are forming a new alliance called Glorion.

We are looking for government officials to fill the following positions, and the signing bonuses are posted correspondingly:

Secretary of State ($2,500,000)

Secretary of Defense ($2,500,000)

Secretary of the Treasury ($2,500,000)

Secretary of Recruitment ($2,500,000)

Communications Director ($2,500,000)

Chancellor ($1,500,000)

(Chancellor payment is less because of administrative power granted to Chancellors. Also, we expect members who apply for this position to have at least a year of experience or more, and be willing to put the membership of the alliance before personal gain.)

We have a solid constitution already in place, and a copy can be requested by anyone interested in joining, or interested in which each of the listed positions entail.

Our government is lead by 3 co-Chancellors, and we are currently searching for a third Chancellor, who is skilled, competent, and experienced in all aspects of the game.

We are currently also looking to recruit non-governent members, and the first 30 are receiving a $1,000,000 signing payment.


Please contact Tantonus or tp71the2nd in game for further details.

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