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The Company


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The Company

We are the few the brave, the seekers in the cyberverse. We in the Company hope to bring a brighter future for the world, a world that you can help us form and work for.

---The Company is a fresh, young, progressive, blue team and heroes themed alliance. We are a band of brothers, who hold loyalty above all else, loyalty to each other, to the Company, and to our allies. You can help shape what this alliance becomes through membership and participation.

Why the Company?

-New fresh alliance with treaties to make

-Government and Civilian positions available

-Tech deals and aid are available

-Protected by the Greenland Republic

-Growing member base and strength

Current Government

WANTED: Those with general CN experience and or media skills, those applicants with these skills will be given special attention and immediate positions (if wanted) by the Department of Clairsentience.

As recruitment is now open, the Company looks forward to new members, all who are interested are encouraged to read our CN wikia located here:

You can reach us on IRC at #CN-TheCompany

To sign up or chat with us, head over to our forums here: Forums

Joining instructions:

Change your AA to Company Applicant, end any wars, and register at our forums and post an application in the format given here: http://s1.zetaboards.com/The_Company_CN/forum/585855/

Once your application has been accepted, many guides, programs, tech deals, aid opportunities, and government + civilian positions will become available to you.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to having you on board! Please feel free to PM any of us in-game or on our forums.

This has been a message from The Company; Departments of Clairsentience and Intuitive Aptitude, if you have any questions please post here and let us know.

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