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Sweet lovin' between TPF and Hammertime!

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It's Hammertime for TPF!

*No flags 4 U!*

I. "Teh shizzle"

TE is a dangerous place and not an area young "TOOL"'s should be wandering about unprotected in :P Therefore TPF and Hammertime will be forming an MADP... nuff' said :P

II.No abusing each other and "tellin' teh sekritz!"

i. No painful touching, whipping or anything else of that nature unless asked for.

ii. Tell each other everything and be superduper bestest buddies but don't watch each other while showering or urinating is in process!

III. Saving each others $@!'

i. If being informed of the other partner being assaulted help must be given to get out of this "sticky" situation!

ii. Any time either alliance just can't resist getting hot and sweaty with another alliance the other will be expected to "help out" :P

iii. It is demanded that at least 12 horus notice is given before war is declared to allow time to prepare the "toys."

IV. Breaking up

Relationships don't always work out so in the event that either alliance doesn't want to watch the others back no longer 48 hours of notice must be given so there's time for some sweet goodbying.

Signed: Some time in January 2009 :P


tommattox (sexy guy who wrote this random rubbish :D)

thomas20 (lazy guy who made me write this random rubbish <_<)

Rest of / all Hammertime staff



Blademaster (in between guy :P And proof reader)

Other TPF guys who I hope know about this

Note: Nooby treaty however it is the writers first time at writing a treaty :P Anyways come to #tool some time if you don't already and make some sweet lovin' to me :P

:P Wooot!

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