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I here to offer you a great deal!!!!!!!!!!! The flag above were made by me. Yes that is right me. And im here

to share my design skills with you. I'll make any Userbar, Banner, Avatar, or Design you want for a price that

you can afford. The pricing is as follows:

Nation Strength 100-999: $10,000

Nation Strength 1000-4999: $50,000

Nation Strength 5000-9999: $100,000

Nation Strength 10000-19999: $500,000

Nation Strength 20000-999999: $1,000,000

Per Design!

Also if you don't want to waist 1 aid slot you can let it Build up with our credit system:

*You can save the bills till they are up to $3 Million!

*You get a free design with purchase of 2

*You can wait for up to 5 weeks to pay!

So if your interested (You Are) Come bye and see us at:


*You can also put a redirect forum on our board that leads to YOUR forum for FREE

*If there are any problems contact our CEO Kingemo93 or our Chairman Mcboy

*We are looking for a Head Designer and alot of regular Designers, so come and join or Family or just come for a good time. Hope To See You There!!!!

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Any Final Fantasy Fans here

I edited and added some affects Desktop background! Like it? Request a custom made or if you just want one edited request here:


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