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Wonder Suggestion

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Currently, Some of the wonder prices / requirements are ok, but some are still drastically too high (however, i changed all the prices so everything would still be roughly the same as before). A Great University is useless because no-one will have 3000 technology. Right now, in the upper ranks, an SDI would be a god-send but needing 3 Satellites and 3 Missile Defenses? Nobody can afford to give up 6 improvement slots if you only have 8-12. My suggestions/changes will be in bold.

* Agriculture Development Program - $375,000 - Increases land size by 25%, Increases citizen income +$4.00, Increases the citizen-bonus for land from 0.2 to 0.5. Requires 500 land purchased, 250 technology.

* Anti-Air Defense Network - $500,000 - Reduces odds of incoming aircraft attacks against your nation -25%. Reduces aircraft attack damages against your nation -10%.

* Central Intelligence Agency - $500,000 - Increases the number of spies that your nation can support +100, decreases spy cost and spy operation cost by 50% and increases your nation's spy attack strength +10%. Only viewable by the user who owns it.

* Disaster Relief Agency - $500,000 - The disaster relief agency helps restore your nation and its people after emergency situations. Increases population +7%.

* Fallout Shelter System - $500,000 - Allows 50% of your defending soldiers to survive a nuclear strike (Does not prevent nuclear Anarchy but does prevent troops from being totally depleted), Reduces tank, cruise missile, and aircraft, losses from a nuclear strike by -25%, Reduces nuclear vulnerable navy losses by 12%, Reduces nuclear anarchy effects by 1 day. Requires 500 infrastructure, 200 technology.

* Federal Aid Commission - $300,000 - Increases citizen income +$7.00.

* Foreign Air Force Base - $425,000 - Raises the aircraft limit +20 for your nation and increases the number of aircraft that can be sent in each attack mission +20.

* Great Monument - $425,000 - The great monument is a testament to your great leadership. Increases happiness +4 and your population will always be happy with your government choice.

* Great Temple - $425,000 - The great temple is a dedicated shrine to your national religion. Increases happiness +5 and your population will always be happy with your religion choice.

* Great University - $425,000 - The great university is a central location for scholars within your nation. Decreases technology costs -20% and increases population happiness +2% (+2 for every 100) of your nation's technology level over 200 up to 500 tech.

* Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo - $375,000 - Allows your nation to develop +5 nuclear missiles that cannot be destroyed in spy attacks. (Nations must first be nuclear capable in order to purchase nukes.)

* Internet - $425,000 - Provides Internet infrastructure throughout your nation. Increases population happiness +5.

* Interstate System - $550,000 - The interstate system allows goods and materials to be transported throughout your nation with greater ease. Decreases initial infrastructure cost -8% and decreases infrastructure upkeep costs -8%.

* Manhattan Project - $1,000,000 - The Manhattan Project allows nations below 5% of the top nations in the game to develop nuclear weapons. The Manhattan Project cannot be destroyed once it is created. The wonder requires 500 infrastructure, 100 technology, and a uranium resource.

* Mining Industry Consortium - $300,000 - Increases population income by $2.00 for the resources Coal, Lead, Oil, Uranium that your nation has access to. Requires 300 infrastructure, 200 land purchased, 100 technology.

* Movie Industry - $325,000 - The movie industry provides a great source of entertainment to your people. Increases population happiness +3.

* National Environment Office - $1,000,000 - The national environment office removes the penalties for Coal, Oil, and Uranium when a nation imports them, improves environment by 1 point, increases population +3%, and reduces infrastructure upkeep -3%. Requires 500 infrastructure.

* National Research Lab - $425,000 - The national research lab is a central location for scientists seeking cures for common diseases among your population. Increases population +5% and decreases technology costs -3%.

* National War Memorial - $325,000 - The war memorial allows your citizens to remember its fallen soldiers. This improvement is only available to nations that have lost over 10,000 soldiers during war throughout the life of your nation. Increases population happiness +4.

* Nuclear Power Plant - $750,000 - The nuclear power plant allows nations to receive Uranium financial bonus (+$3 citizen income +$0.15 per technology level up to 30 technology levels. Requires an active Uranium trade.) even when maintaining nuclear weaponry. The nuclear power plant by itself, even without a Uranium trade, reduces infrastructure upkeep -5%, national wonder upkeep -5%, and improvement upkeep -5%. Requires 500 infrastructure, 200 technology, and a Uranium resource to build. Nations that develop the Nuclear Power Plant must keep their government position on nuclear weapons set to option 2 or 3.

* Pentagon - $375,000 - The Pentagon serves as your nations headquarters for military operations. Increases attacking and defending ground battle strength +20%.

* Scientific Development Center - $1,250,000 - The scientific development center increases the productivity of your factories from -8% infrastructure cost to -10% infrastructure cost, increases the productivity of your universities from +8% citizen income to +10% citizen income, allows the Great University to give its technology happiness bonus up to 700 technology levels (+2 happiness each 100 technology levels). Requires 500 infrastructure, 200 technology, Great University, National Research Lab.

* Social Security System - $500,000 - The social security system provides benefits to aging members of your nation. Allows you to raise taxes above 28% up to 30% without additional happiness penalties.

* Space Program - $375,000 - The space program sends your astronauts to the moon and beyond. Increases happiness +3, lowers technology cost -10% and lowers aircraft cost -20%.

* Stock Market - $375,000 - The stock market provides a boost to your economy. Increases citizen income +$10.00.

* Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) - $750,000 - Reduces odds of a successful nuclear attack against your nation by 60%. The SDI wonder also requires 1 satellite and 1 missile defense and those satellites and missile defenses cannot be deleted once the wonder is developed.

* Universal Health Care - $1,000,000 - A Universal Health Care program increases population +3% and increases population happiness +2. Requires 400 infrastructure, Hospital, National Research Lab.

* Weapons Research Complex - $1,250,000 - Increases the technology bonus to damage from 0.01% to 0.02% per technology level, Increases the number of nukes that can be purchased per day to 2, hurts environment by +1, Increases the purchase costs of all military by 0.01% per technology level. Requires 500 infrastructure, 100 technology, National Research Lab, Pentagon Wonder.

EDIT: wording

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I think your prices make it too affordable, but I like most of your suggestions to increase their worth to try and tempt more people to use wonders. However, the SDI does not need to be that cheap with just one each, I would say the average between what it is and your suggestion, 1250 and 2 each. IMO

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In CN Standard, most people with SDI are at least 5k infra. A nuke will destroy about 3% of a nation's infra. They also have approx 50 or so improvement slots, In CN Tournament, almost all nations are less than 1k infra. At 1k infra, a nuke will destroy about 15% of a nation's infra. And a 1k infra nation has maybe 10 improvement slots. 6 or even 4 slots that can't be used unless you destroy the SDI when you have only 10 slots is a big deal.

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