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I would like to invite you to come join us at Alpha Orpavias.We are a new alliance that is proud to call the Maroon sphere home.We are looking for new and experienced players to come join us.We are building a community of friendship,fun,and honor.

So,if you want to be part of a great new community,then come join us.

Alpha Orpavias Forums | IRC Channel on Coldfront: #AlphaOrpavias

And now our charter....

Alpha Orpavias Charter


We, the sovereign nations of Alpha Orpavias, come together in unity,friendship,honor,and respect,to create this document as our declaration of our existence, here on Cybernations. It is the aim of Alpha Orpavias to promote the goodwill, unity,and friendship to all alliances on Planet Bob,as well as to our friends on the Maroon Sphere. We do, in accordance with those goals, adopt this charter as our law,on this day January 12th, 2009.

Alpha Orpavias Motto: Marooned in Unity

Section 1: General Membership

In order to join Alpha Orpavias,you must fullfill our criteria for joining:

The applicant must change to Maroon

The applicant must not be involved in any wars

The applicant must not be considered a rogue around the CN community

The applicant must read and adhere to the laws set forth in the Alpha Orpavias Charter

Section 1.1: Joining Alpha Orpavias

If a nation wishes to join Alpha Orpavias they must first register on our Alpha Orpavias Forums. The applicant must then fill out the membership application with the required information.Once the application is posted, someone from Alpha Orpavias will review the application,as well as make sure all criteria is met.If everything is fine,the applicant will be approved for membership. All members of the alliance must have Alpha Orpavias as their alliance affiliation at all times.

Section 1.2: Team Color

Alpha Orpavias is officially a Maroon team alliance.

Resignation from Alpha Orpavias

Any member of Alpha Orpavias may resign from the alliance at any time.The member must not have any unresloved issues,and not owe any monies to the alliance.The member when resigning needs to post their resignation in the appropriate forum within the alliance.

Section 2: Government Structure


Council of Orpavias

Minister of Internal Affairs

Minister of Economics

Minister of Justice

Secretary of State

Minister of Defense

Miniser of Recruiting


Senate Leader



Section 3: War

Article 3.1: Alpha Orpavias joins the Cyberverse as a peaceful alliance. Alpha Orpavias will always resort to diplomacy before taking any action towards an aggressive alliance.Alpha Orpavias is not afraid of defending itself. All declarations of war must be approved by the Secretary of Defense, and the Alpha Orpavias Triumvirate.

Article 3.1A: All members must aid in the defense of the alliance in times of war.

Article 3.2: Nuclear Policy

Alpha Orpavias does not condone, nor will we support nuclear first strikes. Nuclear Weapons may not be used by Alpha Orpavias, unless they are being used against a nation who has attacked us,or otherwise approved by the Triumvirate.

Article 3.3: Offensive Wars

No member of Alpha Orpavias may start any war against any Alpha Orpavias member.It is forbidden to attack a non-Alpha Orpadias member or alliance without the authorization of the Minister of Defense,and/or Triumvirate.

Article 3.4: Defensive Wars

All members of Alpha Orpavias have a right to defend themselves.If attacked, the member must notify the Minister of Defense, or any other government official for assistance,immediately.

Article 3.5: Spying and Rogue Policy

Spying and rogue activities will not be tolerated under any circumstances,and will be dealt with accordingly.

Section 4: Foreign Policy

Alpha Orpavias encourages alliances around the Cyberverse to come and open diplomatic relations with us at any time.

Section 5: House of Alpha

The House of Alpha is made up of all members of the alliance.The House of Alpha is the primary link between our members and the Alpha Orpavias government.

Section 6: The Senate

Article 6.1: The Senate will be the legislative body of the Alpha Orpavias alliance.

Article 6.2: The Senate will be made up of 3 members; a Senate leader and 2 senators.

Section 7: Elections

Elections in Alpha Orpavias will be held at the beginning of every 4th month.

Section 8: Expulsion

The Government of Alpha Orpavias reserves the right to expel any member for any reason that violates our charter,CN rules,or other reason we feel keeps our members from enjoying the game.

These are the Articles of Expulsion:

1. Unauthorized war against an Alpha Orpavias member,allie,or any other nation on Planet Bob

2. Spying on any member or alliance

3. Trolling the CN Forums

4. Providing any information,no matter what it is,to any alliance without authorization of the Alpha Orpavias government

5. Any conduct that makes Alpha Orpavias look bad within the CN community

Section 9: Amendments

1. Any member may at any time propose legislation towards amending the charter

2. Discussion of the legislation will be held for 72 hours

3. Final vote on the proposal will last for 48 hours

Any vote for approval must be by a simple majority!

Section 10: Tech Raiding Policy

The Alpha Orpavias Government prohibits any member from engaging in any tech raiding.

Section 11: Mergers & Disbandenment

Article 11.1: All mergers must be voted on,and approved by a 75% approval by the Alpha Orpavias membership and Triumvirate.This also includes any name changes,government structure changes,etc.

Article 11.2: In order for Alpha Orpavias to disband,it will take a vote by the House of Alpha and Triumvirate,with a 75% majority for it to pass.

Revision Policy

The Charter of Alpha Orpavias may be revised in any way without prior notice.Changes must be approved by a simple majority of the membership, and triumvirate to take effect.

The Charter of Alpha Orpavias is now valid.

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