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I am here to encourage any unaligned nation to apply for membership at our boards. It won't be easy to be accepted, as there is a tough introductory process. However, should you be able to pass it, you'll become a part of the finest alliance in all of CN. Below is our charter:

Charter of Apocalypse



Apocalypse was founded to unite the Black Trading Sphere under a stable banner. It is our belief that through our strength, unity, and discipline, the nations of black will prosper, so that we may achieve our goal of protecting every nation of black from vicious warmongering.

Seven Commandments of Apocalypse

1. The will of the Horsemen is the will of Apocalypse; it shall be followed without question.

2. Loyalty to Apocalypse first, your brothers second.

3. Sacrifice infrastructure, technology, and your nation in Apocalypse’s name.

4. Never surrender, never lose faith.

5. Mercy is a sign of weakness; your foes shall receive none.

6. Our word is our bond; we defend our allies against all odds.

7. Betrayers will know no end to their suffering.

Article I: Membership

Section 1 – Admission

To apply for membership in Apocalypse, your nation must not be in any wars, belong to another alliance, or have an offensive bio/nation/ruler name. A nation may not be admitted while the Apocalypse is at war without universal approval by the Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Section 2 – Expulsion

Any member nation who violates the charter or the spirit of Apocalypse will be expelled at the discretion of the Horseman of Internal Affairs and Minister of Discipline and risk being sentenced to ZI.

Section 3 - Pride in Your Colors

Upon being admitted, the member nation has 7 days to switch to the black trading sphere or risk expulsion. Extensions may be allowed with approval of the Horsemen.

Article II: Government

Section 1 –The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

The Horsemen of Apocalypse

The Horsemen's will is the will of the alliance. There are three leadership positions, divided up in the areas of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs and War. The fourth Horseman position is held vacant in memory of our founder and first Emperor. The individual powers are listed below.

Horseman of Internal Affairs

It is the responsibility of the Horseman of Internal Affairs to guide the alliance in all domestic affairs. He will lead the member nations to greater strength and unity through instituted programs of his design. Should any member nation violate the Charter or the spirit of the alliance, the Horseman is granted the power to expel said member.

Horseman of Foreign Affairs

The Horseman of Foreign Affairs is responsible for all foreign affairs of Apocalypse. It is his duty to represent Apocalypse in a superb manner, reflecting its positions and policies to all other alliances and the citizens of Digiterra. The Horseman of Foreign Affairs will appoint emissaries to help further relations with other alliances.

Horseman of War

The Horseman of War's responsibility is to organize the companies of Apocalypse. He must ensure their preparedness and organization for any military conflict. If a member wishes to attack another nation, they must get authorization from the Horseman of War before they are allowed to do so.


The last position is left vacant, being the former position of the Emperor, in memory for what he has done for Apocalypse. This position, being vacant, has no powers or duties.

Terms and Removal

A Horseman serves a lifelong term until retirement unless found abusing their power, violating the charter or derelict in their duty to Apocalypse. A Horseman can only be removed with the universal approval of the other two Horsemen and the agreement of a majority of the ministers serving Apocalypse.

If a Horseman needs replacement,, a new Horseman will be elevated from the member ranks of Apocalypse by the universal agreement of both of the remaining Horsemen.

Section 2 - Ministers of Apocalypse

Ministers of Apocalypse will be voted on by the general membership every two months. Whoever receives majority vote, will win the position. After one month, the Horsemen have the power to remove any Minister not performing satisfactorily.

Minister of Recruitment

The Minister of Recruitment's responsibility is to bolster the ranks of the alliance. He shall appoint recruiters to aid him in the search for new members. It is also the job of the Minister to recommend potential applicants to the alliance, seeing whether they are fit to join Apocalypse.

Minister of Finance

The Minister of Finance manages all the financial duties of the alliance. It is his job to organize trades, foreign aid, growth programs, and tech deals to ensure rapid growth and military readiness.

Minister of Education

The Minister of Education is responsible for running Apocalypse's training academy. With the Minister's guidance, Apocalypse's new nations will promptly learn the ways of warfare, economics, and government.

Minister of Discipline

The Minister of Discipline will make sure the laws of the alliance are held by every member. Should a member nation break the rules outlined in the charter, the Minister, with assistance from the Horseman of Internal Affairs, will enforce a punishment deemed necessary.

Article III: War and Peace

Section 1 – War

While Apocalypse will seek diplomatic resolutions first, the alliance will always be prepared for war. Our full military strength will be used in dealing with the offending nation or alliance. Apocalypse will go to war with universal approval by the Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Section 2 - Foreign Influence

No foreign power or conquering enemy can force Apocalypse to pay any demands in surrender terms, excepting monetary and technological reparations. Members will not be expelled. This charter will remain in the same state it was before entering war. Apocalypse will respect these policies when offering surrender terms.

Section 3 – Raiding

Under no circumstances may a member of Apocalypse attack any unaligned nation for selfish reasons. We reserve the right to practice military drills on targets, but will reimburse for all the damages and stress that have been caused. Any wars will be approved by the Horseman of War.

Article IV: Policies

Section 1 - War Aid

In general, a member of Apocalypse will not send aid to a foreign nation involved in an alliance war. Any member who sends such aid without the proper authorization will be expelled with approval of the Horsemen of Apocalypse and may be sentenced to ZI.

Section 2 – Spying

The use of spies will only be allowed during wartime, and only on the alliance opposing Apocalypse. Any nation of Apocalypse who spies without the proper authorization will be immediately expelled and may receive a sentence of ZI.

Section 3 – Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons will only be used in retaliation for a nuclear attack against Apocalypse, when authorized by the Horseman of War. Any nation of Apocalypse who fires a nuclear weapon without the proper authorization will be expelled by the Horsemen of Apocalypse, and may receive a sentence of ZI.

Section 4 – Ghosting

Any nation who is not a member of Apocalypse caught using Apocalypse’s alliance affiliation will have war declared upon them unless they remove the alliance affiliation in a timely manner. Any damages caused by a non-member will be paid by said non-member upon threat of ZI.

Section 5- Mergers and Disbandment

Apocalypse will only accept merger proposals and/or disband the alliance with the universal approval of the Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Article V: Amendments

Any and all amendments to the Charter of Apocalypse are made with universal approval of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. Their will is the will of the alliance, and as such, this charter can be amended at any time for any reason.

Government of Apocalypse:

The Horsemen of Apocalypse:

Horseman of Internal Affairs - King Pomi (Pomiel)

Horseman of Foreign Affairs - Ghostlin

Horseman of War - Pokeikon (Poke)

Contact Information:

Boards: http://z15.invisionfree.com/CNApocalypse/index.php?act=idx

Channel: #apocalypse on coldfront

Edited by King Pomi
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