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The Pheonix Flies Again!


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It's been a rocky few weeks for TPF and NEO relations, but after some hugs and kisses between me and Burning Glory, we'e managed to get over the petty problems caused and realised we are respectful and honest peoples. So we hereby re-announce our treaty and look forward to more promising relations!

The Pheonix Flies Again!

A Mutual Defensive Pact between The Phoenix Federation and the New Emerald Order.


The Leaders of both parties agree that their members will not attack, spy on each other, or take any other aggressive action towards each others alliance.


The Leadership of both parties agree, they they shall come to each others aid during a time of war, and in assistance of both enemies external and internal. The Leadership further agrees that they will jointly plan and attack any alliance that attacks either alliance.


If The leadership of one alliance takes their alliance to war, it shall not obligate the other party in this treaty to bring their forces in to that war.


This treaty shall last until it is canceled.


A 48 Hour notice of withdrawal shall be posted on the main CN:TE RP forum as well as each alliances respective forums.

For The Phoenix Federation:

Burning Glory, The Flame

For the New Emerald Order:

Jenko, High Chancellor

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