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-15% infra cost did not affect 5k infra jump


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I'm not exactly too sure on how Infra jumps work, other than "durr put infra, price increases." Mayhaps it might, magically, have something to do with why everyone does 9999.99 in their infra purchases, but I don't know about that. I found that infra jump actually occurs a decimal past the jump point. e.g. 5000.01 not 5000.00.

So anyway , before the war started I was at 5k Infra, and my infra costed roughly $89,293 a pop, and when I jumped I clearly remember it being 113K a piece. Effectively a jump in roughly $23,706 a piece.

So, the war goes, I come back to where I was before the jump, but something happens - One of the turkeys cancels trade on me , no warning or whatever, not that I care because I lost cattle and water, and got cattle and marble which I definitely prefer, so in the end it worked for my benefit. So I end up getting Construction instead of beer, and my infra cost decreases by 15% (I know it's not exactly 15% because of these obscure calculations the game does), but It dropped from $85,374.52 to $74,366.01.

So I think, "Sweet! definitely what I need for that jump!" . When I got the trades I was still just a few infra shy from actually making the jump, so the cost right now right before I make the jump is $76,346.06. Eager to take a peak at what the new lower price would be from the expected infra deduction, I buy a decimal of infra. And guess what? Instead of actually DECREASING the freaking cost, it costs MORE than when I got the new trades! $114,424.13 to be exact!

What kind of BS is that? Maybe decrease in 105k or 110k? Heck no! Let's spit in your face and make it 1k MORE than before the new trades! Brilliant! Despite never having construction OR marble before, I thought I got my big break but it's all just a freaking fairy tale.

Seriously, what the flip just happened here? Instead of jumping by 23K a piece from 89k to 113k , it jumps by 38K from 76K to 114K.

Is there some sort of code in the game where it says to ignore new resources and the jump should instead increase by 1K than before? Did I miss something? Is there a fine print to the new resources that reads "Does not affect infra jumps" ???

I even bought a decimal or 2 afterwards just to see if it changed, but to no avail.

I don't know if anybody else has run into this kind of anomaly, or if I really am just the victim of a wierd and very unfortunate bug. I'm not too sure if this is a bug so that I shoulda posted in the bug section, or it's part of the game where infra reduction resources don't work for me during infra jumps.

Just wondering if this has happened to anybody else. This sucks, to be honest. I was really counting on those trades for 5k and onward. Now it's like they're not helping at all, whatsoever. But I also don't want to cancel and get something else.

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i have guided members of my alliance trough more than a dozen infrajumps and i never experienced what you report here. i can only think that you probably have a false memory of the price you paid in the past without the infra-reducers. maybe it was 131k and not 113k... i dunno. however: if you have -15% infra cost, then you HAVE -15% infra cost. just cancel your trade and see how the costs go up. i would be surprised to see you being an exception. however, good luck to solving the problem.

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Haha, no way. I'd never even destroy my labor camps at this stage. The only things i had gotten rid of were border walls, and like 1 or 2 churches during the war.

I think Syzygy is probably right...perhaps my memory is a little fuzzy...it could have been 1 mill 300k but I'm not so sure... I think somewhere else on the forum someone with 5,400~ infra said that the cost for them was 129k a piece.... but that is big difference, plus I do not know what resources they have. So the range is quite open.

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The memory being a little fuzzy sounds about right given the other numbers you have provided. The 5k jump is a 50% increase in price. So 89k would come in at around 133,500, not 113k. The numbers for your lastest crossing of the 5k jump fit since 76k does become 114k due to the 50% increase which suggests that the formula is being applied correctly.

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So finally a solid # comes into play. %50 increase huh? talk about harsh. In reality it doesn't really feel that bad but looking at it head on, it seems pretty cruel.

It makes me wonder what all the jumps up until now have been. I know they were quite tough as well, especially on the upkeep - or rather, more specifically on the upkeep.

If i recall correctly, this is the first time I have faced a jump that only pushes an infra cost instead of a heavy infra upkeep increase.

I guess that must solve it then.

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I am at 4999.99 right now and infra cost 74K......the calculator I use shows if I am at 5000.1, that infra will cost me 95K..........not sure what the problem is with your numbers.

I think I just remembered the numbers wrong like the other guy said... also lucky you if your infra turns out to be 95 instead of like 114 or 131k after teh jump

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