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GLA are recruiting.


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Join @ our forums here: http://z7.invisionfree.com/globalliberatio...dex.php?act=idx

Here is our charter.

Global Liberation Army

Article I: Admission and Membership

Section 1: Admission

Must apply with:

1. Nation Name:

2. Nation Ruler:

3. Nation Team:

4. Nation Link:

5. Previous Alliances:

6. Currently involved in war:

7. If answered yes to last question list the enemy nation, name, ruler and


2. You must pass the Exam with a 50%

Section 2: Membership

1. Membership shall be granted to applying nations by an official, as soon as time allows.

2. Members are encouraged to change to Yellow team if not already.

3. No other alliance participation is allowed.

4. All GLA members agree to be bound by this Charter. Any member found in violation of any of these clauses may be subject to disciplinary action by the officials.

5. Once membership is granted, sign up for a Coalition.

Article II: Office

Section 1: Offices

Secretary of Foreign Affairs – Responsible for deploying and coordinating ambassadors to other alliances, negotiating treaties, and assessing potential threats.

Secretary of War – For security of fellow member nations, supervision of GLA Wars advising Vice President or President on the acquisition of nuclear weapons and coordinating the Coalition Forces.

Secretary of Banking – Supervises over grants and decides on punishment of those who steal money.

Secretary of Domestic Affairs – supervises over recruiters, and can allow new members applications.

Section 2: War

1. GLA endorses peace between its members, yellow team, and any member of friendly alliance. All wars should be consulted either by Vice President or President to make sure the war is safe and will not lead to any trouble.

2. Should a member nation be the victim of an attack, all GLA members pledge to rally their full military and economic powers in defense of the attacked nation. The members should be involved in aiding, reconstruction, and war efforts to the best of their abilities.

3. In order to attack, whether it be a tech raid, or an attack, you must get the Secretary of War, Vice President(or President), and Secretary of Foreign Affairs permission, all three of their signatures.

Section 3: Tech Raiding

1. The rule for tech raiding is that you may do one tech raid for every three recruits that you get to join the GLA.

Section 4: Nuclear Weapons

1. Nuclear Weapons should only be used in defense and research.

Section 5: Spying

1. Spying is not permitted in the Global Liberation Army

Article III

Section 1: Grants

1. You have to regard the Grant Rules, and pay back the money within 20-30 days and let people apply for your grant for at least 2 days, and then choose which member of the approved members by officials will receive your grant.

Article IV

Section 1: Amendments

1. Amendments may be submitted by any member of the GLA to be voted on.

It must win by a 2/3 vote after being voted on for 2 days.

2. Once it has been passed by the people the officials will reject or accept the rule.

If it is rejected by the officials the people may vote again and if it wins again by ¾ it will become law.

3. The President can reject a law at any time unless it is voted in by a 3/4 majority.

An amendment must also receive at least 8 votes.

Article V

Section 1: General

1. The General is in second command, he is in charge of giving orders to the Lieutenants.

2. The General also makes sure all Lieutenants are active and keeping good control of their coalitions

3. Position is appointed from the Secretary of War

Section 2: Lieutenants

1. Lieutenants are in charge of specific coalitions and in charge of recieving orders form the General

2. They must remain active so that in times of war they can quickly orginize their coalitions

3. This position is voted on by each Coalition

Section 3: Soldiers

1. They are in charge of protecting the GLA at all costs

2. They are to obey any order given to them by their Lieutenants

3. They are to stay fairly active in order to know what is happening

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