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Orange Team Trade Circle!!! (7 bonuses and a lot more)


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Current As of Current Date: Tue January 6, 2009 Current Time: 02:09:03 pm

Resource list:



Coal-Erich Honecker



Lead-Dr. Radsoc





Rubber-Dr. Radsoc

Spices-Erich Honecker

Bonuses: Microchips, Scholars, Construction, Rad. Clean up, Steel, Asphalt, and Cars

Please Sign Below if you would like to join.

Economic effect:

Income: +$6

Citizens: +8.67%

Happiness: +8.5

Infra cost: -35.2%

Tech cost: -12.6%

Land cost: -19%

Land bonus: +49.04%

Environment: +1

Env. Penalty: -50%

Bill effect:

Infra UpK: -21.34%

Soldier UpK: -$1

Tank UpK: -16.97%

Nuke UpK: -20%

Navy UpK: -35.2%

Aircraft UpK: -25%

Military effect:

Soldier eff.: +63.94%

Soldier cost: -$6

CM cost: -20%

Nukes cost: -20%

Tanks cost: -8%

Navy Cost: -23.5%

Aircraft Cost: -15.21%

Aircraft Limit: +10

Anybody with Aluminum and Oil sign up here with the following form and contact me at,


Nation Name:
Nation Ruler:
Link to Nation:

We would prefer an orange team and if you don't have a harbour conact me and I will hook you up!!!

So please reply, looking forward to hearing from some one thank you.

- Comrade 360 of Africa

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Thanks razor, Ivan says he misses annoying. :awesome:

Alright we have the oil and aluminum part pretty much filled, we just need some one with lumber and iron.

All updates will be in CPCN website... :popcorn:

I will try to post here as much as possible but the futility posting here is quite annoying...

BUMP for good comrades like razor!

Edited by 360mta
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