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Preamble: In recognition of friendship towards one another and in the hopes of cooperative and peaceful growth, Justice and Wolfpack enter into the following protectorate treaty and agree to its terms.

Article I

Neither signatory alliance shall initiate acts of aggression against the other signatory of this treaty. This includes, but is not limited to, acts such as: Tech Raiding, Wars of Aggression, Spying, or Flaming/Trolling by one signatory toward the other.

Article II

Should Justice or its members come under attack by a hostile force, Wolfpack is obligated to come to the defense and aid of Justice. Justice is encouraged, but not required, to defend Wolfpack should Wolfpack come under attack from a hostile force. Justice is also encouraged, but by no means obligated, to provide financial assistance to Wolfpack when Wolfpack is in a state of war. Wolfpack is not required to defend or support Justice if it can be proven that Justice initiated aggression toward another alliance or nation.

Article III

Both signatory alliances agree to share any information they learn that conveys a possible threat toward the other signatory, and will respect the wishes of the other should one party express the desire to keep such intelligence confidential.

Article VI

Justice agrees to sell tech to wolfpack as Needed by both sides as a standered of 100 tech per 3millon or 50 tech per 1.5millon.

Article V

Wolfpack will in no way interfere in Justice's internal affairs. Justice can request Wolfpack use its larger diplomatic corps to assist it in matters of Foreign Affairs.

Article VI

Justice also agrees to place "***Wolfpack Protectorate*** in their nation biographies to inform foreign nations of the consequences of meddling with Justice

Article VII

Should either party wish to cancel this agreement for any reason, they must notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels. The treaty is binding for an additional 72 hours from the time of the notification of cancellation.

Signed for wolfpack

Wolfprince ~ Alpha

Stevent37 ~ Beta

Edmundomcpot ~ Shaman

Wolf Lady ~ Regent

Cookiemonster ~ High Consul

Gimlimonkey ~ MoD

Signed for Justice


Edit~ forgot flag.

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I thought there already was an alliance called Wolfpack; erm.., maybe I'm just old and deranged. I luv the theme and hope you do well. :D

edit.. oh son of a-... just actually READ the OP, much respects to both parties.

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