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Hello all,

Elysian Webdesigns would like to offer its services for any alliance that would like it's own advanced forums and website. Forums range from IPBs to V-Bulletin Software. Contact us on this forum for more information.

Some Websites We have done:



www.kingdomofsvalbard.org <-- The website over here is under construction. But, The forums is working.

Alot more websites done...

Press Here to go to my nation

Website For The Company <-- This is under construction. Should be done really soon.

General Manager,

Elysian Webdesigns

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Did you do this for like 'internship' kinda thing?

The websites are Amazing keep up the hard work

Yea something like that. www.mcbiga.com was a very serious website. The first one was for a charity organization. I donated the website to them. Thank you btw!

Wow those really are amazing

Thank you very much! I admire your work too! Your graphic skills are pretty rare and amazing!

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New project in the works for Elysian Webdesigns.

Premium Chat which will be a chat client made up of different types of rooms. Also, rooms will be used according to the likings of teh users.

Coming Soon on Elysian Webdesigns.

Also, New File Hosting will be released soon which is a hosting website.

And, For our biggest new CN-Related project, PURPLETECH! This will be an automated tech deal client all automatic. It will work automatically but will be exclusive for the Purple sphere....

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