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A Random Idea :)

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Was yakkin with Llama and somehow or another we came up with an idea for round 4.

How about we set up two of the color spheres as 'factions'. If your nation number ends with an odd number; you join one...even, the other. Spend two months just growing...Month 3 hits. All out war :)

Yeah, I know. Not likely many will go for it.

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I rather like the idea, it would add some variety and fun to TE. And also it's been a while since there was ever a nice big war, where both sides were nicely evenly matched.

How would you enforce this?

Lots of people do not read the forums, thus would not know about it.

If we can convince admin to make it official for round 4, we could just make it automatic as part of the game and the game update could let everyone know.

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Wouldnt that mean that everyone would just sort trades and tax stack until its time to fight? Big wars are a nice idea, but 3 months is way too long. I could see the odd/even thing being done by giving everyone a pile of money and making the tournament last 2 weeks or something

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