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Join SNAFU - A Purple Sphere Alliance


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We are known as SNAFU. Or to be specific, we can be known as Snazy New Alliance For Us or Several Nations Allied For Unity. Heck, We can be whatever you like! SNAFU is about what you, we and us make of it. It's not about what others want us to be. However, we are Economically, Diplomatically and Politically Competitive :P

SNAFU is one of the newest and fastest growing Nations on the Purple Sphere. SNAFU has guided many nations in it's short time to prosperity and advantage, and continues to do so.

SNAFU has a great team of both Government and Non-Government members. We all play an integral Part in the prosperity of SNAFU, you can too at :


or visit our IRC channel. Go To : http://embed.mibbit.com/?server=ice.coldfr...promptPass=true

and visit our channel #snafu.


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From SNAFU's Grand Fubar Stetson:

Our basic philosophy is that we expect that everything is going to be completely screwed up, but we're planning on being ready for it. We're built for growth, unity and all that other fun alliance prattle, but what we really work on is creating a good community to play this game in. Pushing two buttons a day to collect taxes and pay bills is pretty boring, so we try and have fun with each other.
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Hai Hai, this is Warmongrel here. I'd like to take this opportunity to say join SNAFU, its one of the most awesome, looniest, and most diverse alliances I've seen to date. SNAFU is active in several other games besides Cybernations; filled with creative genius, games, spam; we have writers, graphics designers, roleplayers, and best of all an active and supportive community.

Come check us out, seriously. You never know what you might find, but I guarantee you'll like it. :Dhttp://www.cn-snafu.com/index.php


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We at SNAFU, we're waiting for you. Join today!

We have poets, artists, gamers, and more;

you won't know 'til you join, what is in store, not until you enter our door.

There are tech deals, and trades, and purple lovin' galore.

So I entreat you to join us, and add to our score. <3


or check us out in #snafu on irc.coldfront.net

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