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Global Socialist Alliance


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Global Socialist Alliance

Who are we?

The Global Socialist Alliance (GSA) is an alliance primarily intended for moderate liberals and democratic socialists to join in a community together with other people of similar thought. It's a community based on moderate leftism and non-radical promotion of Socialism, Communism and general Marxist principles. It is inherently non aggressive in nature, but maintains a defensive military for the purpose of securing our own borders.

The GSA is located mostly on the Orange sphere, however it is not a requirement for membership.

What does membership entail?

Membership in the Global Socialist Alliance gives you the safety and security you would need as a nation. You are provided with economic and military assistance to better help your nation succeed and prosper. You're also given the opportunity to take part in alliance politics by voting, elections and running for an office. You may even if you so choose, take part in our military sections as a member of the People's Liberation Army.

Do I have to be a socialist?

Absolutely not. We accept all members, of any sort of political orientation. We will never discriminate based on race, sex, creed, political orientation or religious beliefs.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up for the Global Socialist alliance by going to the GSA Sign Up section at our forums, located Here.

Below is a copy of our recently adopted constitution:


Official GSA Civilian Flag

Chapter I: Preamble

Article 1: We, the various member nations of this organization, in an effort to better unite and stabilize the leftist worldview in Cybernations, hereby establish the Global Socialist Alliance. It is the aim of the GSA to promote the goodwill, camaraderie and friendship of all leftists, and to promote fruitful discussion therein of our common beliefs. We do, in accordance with those goals, adopt this constitution as law, this day January 7th, 2009.

Chapter II: The People's Assembly

Article 2: To achieve the Socialist ideal of a better and real Democracy, the peoples of the Global Socialist Alliance hereby establishes the People's Assembly.

Article 3: The People's Assembly is the supreme overall authority in the Global Socialist Alliance, a legislature of which all members are a apart of. It is to serve as the singular legislative force in the alliance. It is vested with the power to create new, and modify past legislation. It is also vested with the power to amend and change the constitution of the alliance.

Article 4: To secure the future of the People's Assembly, the People's Assembly may not be dissolved or have its authority overridden or denied in any fashion. Any power not restricted or moderated by the Constitution is to be reserved for the People's Assembly.

Chapter III: Legislation

Article 5: A quorum of between 20%-50% of members will be imposed. Quorum shall be set by the Central Committee according to current alliance activity. Legislation, if met by quorum, will requite a simple majority of over fifty percent in order to carry into law. Legislation which amend the Constitution or matters of foreign affairs and war require a super majority (67%+1) of all votes cast to carry.

Article 6: Everyone that is a part of the People's Assembly is allowed to cast votes in legislation. This is an undeniable right for all GSA members. Each member, however, may only receive one vote per piece of legislation.

Chapter IV: Government

Article 7: To moderate the Forums, keep order within the GSA, and to oversee the People's Assembly, a government is created to help smooth the transition from capitalism to socialism. To head this government, a group of five persons are to form the Central Committee of the Global Socialist Alliance.

Article 8: The Central Committee will consist of a President, a Commandant of Internal Affairs, a Commandant of Foreign Affairs, a Commandant of Central Planning and a General of the People's Liberation Army who is chosen by election. Its members may appoint Deputies to handle specific tasks within the alliance. Any appointments may be vetoed by the People's Assembly.

Article 9: The President, is spokesmen for the alliance. They are to oversee the boards, maintain order in the People's Assembly, and speak on behalf of the alliance in inter-alliance matters.

Article 10: The General of the People's Liberation Army is the head of the armed services of the Global Socialist Alliance. The General is to organize the armed forces how he or she wishes, appoint whom he or she wishes as commanders or deputies, and to apply policies as he or she wishes in the effort to streamline the armed services and keep the alliance defended. The General is to uphold the right of common defense in the alliance.

Article 11: The Commandant of Interior Affairs is to moderate and oversee the alliance forums, mask new members, create forums where they are needed, and archive old topics. He or she is to keep the forums looking good and running effectively.

Article 12: The Commandant of Foreign Affairs is to enhance the image of the alliance abroad, and to ensure the stability of the alliance's relationships and treaties. It is to work with other alliances to help foster a sense of global cooperation and to work diligently in the maintenance of peace.

Article 13: The Commandant of Central Planning is responsible for the maintenance of the Socialist economy of the Global Socialist Alliance. The commandant is charged with ensuring all members are provided for and that the alliance's economic needs are met in a timely fashion.

Article 14: All offices are to undergo a monthly election. The election process begins with a two-day nomination period, and after that there shall be a two-day long election period. At the end of the elections, the winner for President, and the rest of the absolute winners will be sworn in. The elections will be conducted by poll, assuring a secret ballot right.

Chapter V: War and Peace

Article 15: No elected leader may declare war on behalf of the alliance as a whole. Only the People's Assembly is given this power.

Article 16: No treaty may be signed by the alliance whose conditions may force the Global Socialist Alliance to declare war without first a vote from the People's Assembly approving said war.

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Greetings! We are the ILLINI EMPIRE, a young empire destined for greatness.

Leaders: ILLINI EMPIRE Co-Emperors- Enlightened One1989 and etphonehome:

1. We believe in the pursuit of freedom, prosperity, equality, and the right to be protected from other rogue nations/alliances.

2. Please, Do not attack any other nations without consulting with either etphonehome or Enlightened One1989 first.

3. We do not have team restrictions, so anyone with any team can join.

4. Our foreign policy is(at this stage) to stay out of conflicts, big and small, and create friendly relationships with other alliances/nations. That way we can prosper faster, and grow in a steady environment.

5. At this stage, if you want to join, just contact Enlighted One1989 or etphonehome, and he'll decide if you are eligible.

6. We are relatively new, and at this stage, by joining, you can will feel good knowing that you may become an important part of this alliance right away.

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