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This is the Official Charter for The Illini Empire

Founding Principle: Our goal is to commit ourselves to become one of the Powerhouse alliances on CN by whatever means possible, we would like to have peace, but we are not afraid of wars either.


Emperors: The Enlightened and HomieB

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Halo Heaven, Heavens Coast, Carbem- They are responsible for signing pacts, upholding them, and recruiting. They make up the Department of Foreign Affairs:

Minister of Trade: Hovenein

Minister of Internal Affairs: Valenciana

Allies of Illini Empire:


Article One: Recruiting

1. All Nations have the right to recruit, but they must ask one of the emperors for approval before the natiuon he is trying to recruit may join.

Article Two: War

1. Nations should not attack other nations within an alliance of 5 countries or larger without the approval of one of the emperors.

2. If one of our member nations is attacked, nations within his range have the obligation to help, either by joining the war or through money/tech/soldier aids.

3. Contact the Minister of Military for help or assistence.

Article 3: Trading:

We encourage you to trade within the nations in our own alliance first before looking for other options. Our Minister of Trade will manage that.

Article 4: Leaving the Alliance:

1. If you wish to leave the alliance, you must give back all the aids that the alliance have sent you.

2. Things that may get you kicked out:

1. Picking too much fights and getting the alliance in trouble

2. illegally recruiting other nations

3. Spying on other Illini Empire nations

4. Regularly Not paying back your tech deals

5. Insulting other Illini Empire Nations.

That is all, good luck and have fun.

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