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Trade Circle! Team colour not decided yet.

King Tedd

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Hey everyone im setting up a trade circle, and i am looking for some people who would like to join it. These sets are very good for a nation who is looking to have a strong economical nation, as well as a strong military nation ;)

Bonus resources in this trade circle are Beer, Construction and fast food. And resources Cattle, pigs, spices, sugar, aluminum, marble, iron, lumber, wheat, water. Extra resources - fish and gems.

Set effect for economy and military are-




Infra cost- -29%

Land Cost- -14.5%

Land bonus- +8%

Environment- +1

Soldier eff- +38%

Soldier cost - $3

Aircraft cost - 8%

Aircraft limit- +10

If your interested in been a part of this circle, reply to this thread or PM me in game here -My nation link

Here are the trades available/ taken-

Cattle- Taken by -King Tedd

Gems-Taken by - King Tedd

Pigs- Taken by PresidentDavis

Spices-Taken by -FuDog

Sugar- Taken by -Bulley nation.

Aluminum- Taken by -Bulley nation.




Wheat-Taken by- FuDog


Fish- Taken by PresidentDavis

Hurry up and get in there spots are going fast ;)

Cheers xD

Edited by King Tedd
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