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Ice Cream's MDAP with Fark


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“Don’t Fark with my Ice Cream!” MDAP between Fark and Ice Cream

The Freezer:

- Fark and Ice Cream have agreed to make sure their relationship will not melt nor will either party steal the other’s ice cream and other frozen items.

Food Fights:

- Fark and Ice Cream have agreed to come to each other’s aid if someone throws a snowball or any other food item in their general direction. Fark and Ice Cream agree to chuck any food they feel like in the general direction of the opposition should one or the other choose to start a food fight.

Loss of Electricity:

-If, for whatever reason, the power goes out in the freezer, Fark or Ice Cream will give the other party a 48 hour notice allowing the other to take all frozen items out of the freezer.



Docmeister: Triumvirate of Beer

Arcane: Triumvirate of Bacon

Akealon: Triumvirate of something else that starts with "B"

Ice Cream:

Grand Flavour: Coolfruitflavour

Strawberry Flavour: Tumultuous_Papaya

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Be it known to all that Ice Cream, in response to multiple tech raids against their alliance, has asked for Fark's assistance in this matter.

Fark hereby activates their MDAP with Ice Cream.

Any nation raiding Ice Cream, is now considered to be raiding Fark.

First, and foremost, you should expect to be counter-attacked by the defending nation before any peace is accepted!

Second, if the raiding nation is from an alliance treatied to Fark, you will get a PM asking you to peace out with Ice Cream immediately, and a PM will be sent to your alliance leaders. If no peace is offered within 24 hours, Fark will assist Ice Cream in counter-attacking you.

Third, if the raiding nation is from an alliance NOT treatied with Fark, it's open season! You can (and should) expect to be counter-attacked at any time by either Ice Cream or Fark. Furthermore, any escalations at that point may be considered an act of War!

Docus Maximus, Fark Triumvir of Beer!

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