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waiting for my bonus from a donation


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Depends on the circumstances under which the donation was made. For example if the donation was made with PayPal tied to only a bank account, it can take days as it's basically no different than a check to PayPal and they'll wait for for their request for the money transfer to the bank to clear before sending it on to CyberNations. If the PayPal account itself has money or is otherwise backed by a credit card, PayPal will process the transaction immediately and it then becomes a function of how busy PayPal is. During high peak periods, it can take several hours for PayPal to process the transaction. I've had it take as little as 5 minutes if PayPal was slow and handled the transaction the second they got it. The processing from the CN side of the equation is almost immediate. It's all in how long it takes for the money to reach CN.

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