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The Orange Order


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The Orange Order

Aztec - League of Extraordinary Oranges MDP


As sovereign alliances bound by common purpose and friendship, Aztec and LEO along with their respective member nations, do hereby proclaim that they shall co-operate in times of war to ensure their mutual defense.


Both alliances agree to be respectful to one another in public and private, and resolve any disputes through proper diplomatic channels.


Neither alliance shall take military action or engage in espionage against the other; similarly, no financial or military aid may be rendered by either alliance to any party committing hostile action against the other.


In the circumstance of an attack upon either signatory the contracting parties agree to defend one another by all means available. In the event a signatory chooses to initiate conflict, for whatever reason, signatories may assist in whatever form of action they deem necessary. Such assistance is not automatically granted, and does not in any way affect the standing of the treaty.


Any information gathered by one of the signatories with potential impact on the security of the other shall be promptly and privately forwarded to them.


Member nations are strongly encouraged to provide assistance, based upon need and the best potential for development, between both alliances. The governments of the signatory alliances are expected to promote this kind of cooperation and encourage their member nations to be involved in it.

Article VI

If an alliance decides to cancel this agreement, it must give the other party 72 hours notice prior to the official cancellation, during which all articles will be upheld.

Signed for Aztec

Ordinaryrocks, Chief Cupcake-maker

Signed for League of Extraordinary Oranges

Johan de Haas, Minister of War

Lets get it on :ph34r:

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