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Democratic Allied Nations

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Post in the correct format, in the “DAN Applicants” forums. Change your AA to ‘Democratic Allied Nations’. Any color is accepted. Once masked, you are free to apply as a government official, or stay an ACTIVE member on our forums. We are welcome to all nations regardless of strength, location, or war history. The only acceptation we will make to your team color is if you are in a trade circle. (If you have a legit reason to stay your color, plead your case by way of PM to HunterYoda)



You must be a member to vote. All ministers, ambassadors, and DAN Members vote. General elections consist of, but are not limited to:

Flag issues



Minister serving more then 3 terms

Congress elections consist of, but are not limited to:


oAlliance war


oMilitary readiness (will be approved by Chairman and HoMO)

oDefCon lever (will be approved by Chairman and HoMO)

For a Senate vote to pass, at least 75% (3 Senators ) must vote the same.

In order to receive a title of Minister, or HGM, or Secretary of ____, etc. you will be voted in by a general election, and approval of the President. The Chairman is Appointed by the president. In the event of a Senate tie, the Chairman is the deciding vote. If they are voting on the Chairman, the Minister of Internal Affairs takes his place.



A member in a government position may stay in office as long as a general vote allows. After serving three terms, a general vote must be taken to allow the member to remain in office, even with Chairman. Any Minister, Chairman, or Moderator, etc. may step down at any time, with a 48 hour notice. The president or a Senate vote are the only other things that can discontinue an Official.



You will be given a warn if:

You post explicit content containing sexual references, drug references, or suicidal talk.

Declare war on a member of DAN, or United White, or any alliance we have a treaty with. (You may also be banned)

Vulgarity is NOT ACCEPTED. **** is fine, but you post sh*t, or the word, you will be warned, and the post deleted.

Posting in a protected forum you somehow get access to without haven permission.

Lie about a requirement of registration, or other serious matter.


You will be banned if but not limited to:

You post explicit pictures/ graphics/ videos/ animations of sexual content, nudity, drug usage, graphic violence, suicide, blood/ gore, or images with explicit language.

You declare war on a member of DAN after registering.

You refuse to change AA (making you a rouge, and on our target list)

10 warns

You are declared rouge.

Having two TE nations-- the CyberNations moderators will be notified.

You may appeal your ban/ warn to the President by way of email. If ban appeal is granted, you will be re-masked, and an announcement made. To get an appeal:

explain why you got banned/ warned

give 3 legit reasons why it should be taken away

explain what you will change in the future.

Congress, the Chairman, and the MoIA will approve your appeal. If your appeal IS NOT granted, you will be notified by e-mail and PM. You have 48 hours to comply and change your AA or war will be declared on you.



A nation of DAN (as part of democracy) may declare war on any nation he/ she chooses (unless this violates terms already stated). If they wish to make this known, post in the 'Wars Happening' forum. YOU MAY NOT declare war on a member of DAN, or United White. If you piss somebody off, and the alliance threatens us, it will depend on the situation weather we go to war or ban you/ deem you as rouge.

Yes, as a TE alliance, we support tech raiding. As far as nukes go, you only attack nations with nuclear capability. USE CAUTION! If you attack an incapable nation, you will be deemed 'Rouge'. Please, do not be careless. See the 'War' forum for more details.



We are open to any treaty an alliance has to offer. Please post your request in your embassy topic/ forum. We will make an announcement of any treaty approved, and you will be PM'd/ topic responded to if your proposed treaty is accepted. If it is denied, please do not be offended, we would be happy to tell you why. You may continue your embassy and propose at a later time.

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Dude your chances from getting members from here are low. Heres a tip make a recruitment message and send it out to nations with out an alliance.

EDIT: Heres a linkie to help you out cause i'm :awesome:http://tournament.cybernations.net/allNati...p?Alliance=None

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