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WHUM LOL wishes to thank everyone for a fun time here in CN:TE. Our little war with Murder Inc started with some naughty language being thrown back and forth, but it seems that none of us tattled, and in the end it ended up being pretty fun.

We seemed to have spent the last two weeks after that fighting off tech raiders. Not surprising really, as we're a 8 person alliance, so.....eh.... shouldn't whine I suppose. The good news is most who did raid us got shwacked. By far, the most rewarding part of the game for me has been the messages I get from attackers with the topic title "?????," :). They find themselves with one offensive war and three defensive wars and two wide eyes. Sometimes we even lob a cruise missile or two just be jerks, LOL! Silly wabbit.

Anyhoo, Genesis just launched a massive tech raid against WHUM LOL, and well, we're dead. We got peace offers........but all of us have anarchied nations with NS <1500 now, so we just decided to dismiss all our soldiers, go to defcon 5, collect taxes, and throw cruse missiles and suicide bomber attacks. 8 defenders x 2-3 attackers per defender x 2 CM's x 2 more CM's x (5 dead infra/10 tanks/ 1 tech) per CM + lucky bombers = well you get the point. Hey G, how much does infra and tech cost when you're at 3000 NS/100T anyways? It makes us giggle just thinking about it :P

Needless to say our cowardly citizens are pissed, but they were about kick us out of office anyways (sex scandals-can't really talk about it without my lawyer present :ehm:), so they don't really deserve their infrastructure, tech, and improvements in the first place.

Goodbye cruel world! We'll see you next time. If anyone wants to blow some stuff up just for fun visit a WHUM LOL nation. Or just take a seat and watch the fireworks :popcorn:.


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We have to admit you dazzled us with your coordination. For example, the night we hit you, each of your eight nations collected taxes 4 minutes apart. Like clockwork! Also, when counter attacking, it was consistently one nation, then the next, then the next... Do you use IRC to gain that level of sequentiality?

Why don't you peace out and delete your eight nations and recreate one and have fun!


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