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5 BR Trade Circle - Purple

Magister Agricolarum

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Resources needed:

Aluminum - Magister Agricolarum

Coal -

Fish -

Iron -

Lumber - ahough

Marble - Gangstaroidz

Oil -

Pigs -ahough

Rubber - Magister Agricolarum

Uranium - Gangstaroidz

Water -

Wheat -

Bonus resources from this set: Steel, Automobiles, Construction, Asphalt, Beer

Initial infrastructure cost: -35.2%

Infrastructure upkeep: -23.7%

Population increase: +20.7%

Citizen income increase: +$7.50

Population happiness increase: +8

Initial land cost: -14.5%

Purchased land area increase: 38%

Environment: +1

Soldier increase: +63.9%

Soldier cost decrease: -$6

Soldier upkeep cost: -$0.50

Tank cost decrease: 0

Tank upkeep cost: -9.8%

Aircraft cost decrease: -15.2%

Aircraft upkeep: -0

Aircraft limit increase: +10

Navy Cost Reduction: -19.3%

Navy Upkeep Reduction: -14.5%

Cruise missile cost decrease: 0

Nuke cost decrease: - 0

Nuke upkeep: -50%

Edited by Magister Agricolarum
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