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I like it when people play rough with me


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join the RIA






Also, for those of you into "srs bsns"


That's right, we have our own wiki, and extremely long (over 9 (thousand) inches) constitution.

We've got both the gaming ability (politically stable, internally stable, economically and militarily powerful) and the community (which what makes the game great) to satisfy your every need. If you join the RIA and reference this topic, I'll do an E-dare. Terms and restrictions apply to the E-dare, but you can get pretty crazy, one guy had me take a picture of myself with a pancake on my head.

oh and you should know, you'll get millions (and we mean millions and millions and millions) of game-moniez when you join. We're an alliance that values its treaties and its honor over everything. We will never dishonor a binding contract, and have a history of good moral decisions, even if the decision was bad for our pixels.

http://newmedia2.funnyjunk.com/pictures/michael_phelps.jpg (warning, contains possibly offensive imagery of naughty things, if you haven't learned what's so funny about men in the sea (or sea men), then you should not click that link)


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