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Population Density Question


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Well, I've been noticing something a little odd in my population density over the past little bit. Nothing major, I'm more curious than anything.

For awhile, my density kept changing between 25.10 and 25.09. It'd change a few times a day, without any change to global radiation or my land size. I figured that was just a rounding issue or something.

Now, for the past few days, without any change in land size (I've checked my nation strength in the charts to be sure), my population density has been going down, even though my actual population has increased (due to decreasing global radiation).

Am I forgetting something that affects the population density? Whats causing my density to go down when it should be going up?

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The natural growth of land still affects NS though, doesn't it? So I should still be seeing an increase in nation strength along with the decrease in pop density....

No, only purchased land affects NS (not even modifiers on it).

Environment affects population slightly, so it is likely that the changing global radiation changed your population slightly over the past few days.

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