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Greetings everyone. I am pegzusa, the Minister of Recruitment of the Rapture Alliance. We are an up and coming alliance, with over 500 k Nation Strength. Rapture alliance has alot of fun with our forums and IRC chat, their is always something to do or talk about at Rapture. With membership comes 3 million dollars in aid, and the oppurtunity to join the buddy program. The buddy program is a system set up where larger more experienced nations send 3 million dollars to newer less experienced nations every 10 days until that nation hits the 7k nation strength mark. This is a wonderful alliance for a nation of any size and experience. Below is the first article of our charter.

Please come check us out at



We, as free nations stood as many and link arms to form a more perfect union of brotherhood. With the signing of this document, “Rapture” is here fourth born: We, as the people of “Rapture”, in order to keep her nations safe and prosperous create this charter. The articles here-fourth are instituted under the common goals set forth by its founding fathers; Truth, Honor, Justice, Prosperity, and Friendship. The responsibility is left in the government to ensure that these common goals do not deter.

Article I: Membership

As a Member of “Rapture” you will not be discriminated on for any beliefs you may carry with you, we are open to all members and believe you have the right to speak. Be the voice of the people and let your words be heard. As a full member of “Rapture” you will be granted protection and aid and the privilege of being part of something unsurpassed on Planet Bob, if you are accepted.


I. Any and all applicants may not be in any active wars, or under any Prisoner of War (POW) status.

II. Membership of any other alliance is forbidden.

III. Member must not have any known relationship with the Cyberverse that is disowning or therefore known in discontent.

IV. In order to join “Rapture”, a nation must post an application in the appropriate area on “Rapture” forums. All applications will be looked over and approved by the Chancellor, or Regent, or any member of the High Consul.

V. All Nations who submit an application here-by agree with the undersigned document.

Membership Rights:

I. As a member of “Rapture” you are granted full arms protection within our walls, the situation will be attempted to be solved diplomatically before any just action of war. If the nation that which has attacked you is affiliated to no such alliance you are free to defend yourselves.

II. You will be a prosperous nation and aided if/when it is needed in times of peril and peace.

III. All members are given the freedom of right of speech; all are encouraged to voice their opinions on all matters if it not be in direct offense to another. (If it be in a derogatory manner to any affiliation of race, religion, etc. a forum moderator or Government official will edit your topic, and be discussed with.)

IV. You are greatly encouraged to participate in all the voting that proceed within “Rapture”. You will have the right to vote for current candidates’ in governmental elections, Amendment proposals, or the denial of a government rule (War Declaration, Amendment, proposal, etc.)

V. As a full-fledged member, you qualify for new membership aid packages in the sum of $3,000,000 if asked for.


I. Any Nation may leave at any time they wish, no restraints are bound to keep you. To leave, a nation must post in the appropriate section on the forums; pay off any debts to the alliance or members, and remove "Rapture" from their Alliance Affiliation.

II. Member Expulsion may only be done by the Chancellor or Regent if it finds a member is in direct violation of this charter.

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