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Trade Circle (8 Bonus Ressources)+Uranium



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Hi! I want to found a Trade Circle with the 8 Bonus Ressources + Uranium (good, when we are bigger Nations) :)

Please suscribe, when you have two of the ressources, even they are filled up!!

Gold - Silesian Kingdom

Iron - Silesian Kingdom

Aluminum - Veragon

Wheat - Veragon

Coal - Airstrip One

Marble - Airstrip One

Rubber - The Illuminati

Uranium - The Illuminati

Oil - area52

Water - area52

We need these Ressources:

Lead - Kamakazi

Lumber - Kamakazi

If you are interested in joining this Trade Circle please post here or send me a Mess in CN with this Application Form:

Nation Name:
Nation Ruler:
Trade 1:
Trade 2:
Nation link:



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Nation Name: The Illuminati

Nation Ruler: hueylewis53

Trade 1: Rubber

Trade 2: Uranium

Nation link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=258898


Edit: Never mind. No lead&lumber players would commit, I personally tried to recruit several of them. By dropping out, this opens up the possibility with any players with any combination of lead, lumber, rubber, and uranium can join. Sorry for the inconvenience to the players already committed to this circle.

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