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Cannot decom a drydock improvement

Gen Lee

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My guess is that it's because you have Naval Construction Yards which require you have pre-existing navy support capabilities (via Drydocks/Shipyards) to build them. Your NCYs are probably acting the same way that universities and hospitals prevent the deletion of the underlying schools or clinics unless they are deleted first.

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In CN:TE I only had one drydock supporting 5 ships (1st time ever buying Navy). So bought 1 more drydock thinking I could buy two more Battleships I wanted. They weren't offered as a choice anymore. So bought two other ships that I could having the extra Drydock (don't think it really helped giving me more choices really). Blockaded and didn't seem to help anymore so I tried deleting those two blockade ships I just bought. Nope. Well I did use them today so that must be it, makes sense.

Waited until next day and didn't use them at all. Then went to delete the Drydock since only have 5 ships and the one Drydock now with the exact ships that the 1 Drydock supported before.

Would not let me do it. This does NOT make any sense at all, especially in TE. Almost put me in Anarchy since couldn't get a Guerrilla Camp.

Never had a Navy Construction Yard or Shipyard.

If not then would be nice to change in CNTE or at least put that in the Information Index. Don't see why a Drydock or Shipyward would be any different than a Factory,Clinic... Makes even less sense if you think about it since they can stay on the water and wait there turn to be fixed or resupplied...


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