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New Roman Republic (Will be protected by TOOL soon)


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I'm the creator and chief executive of a new alliance i named the New Roman Republic. The alliance isn't officially a CN alliance though but once I get another Chief Executive it will be. The website I made is on www.nrrepublic.forumotion.com. Right now I'm still making it but I have the constitution ready and it is posted. Need members to take positions like Director of War and even another Chief Executive. There are 2 chief executives and they lead the alliance like 2 presidents. Just mail DallasFan981 and sign up on nrrepublic.forumotion.com if u wud like to join and I'll get you an important position in it. By the way I have connections and I can even get TOOL (The Order of Light) to protect the alliance. Thx and good luck!!!

New Roman Republic Constitution


In order to unify ourselves and forge our path ahead, we now enact this Constitution in the name of the New Roman Republic to bring our nations together with strength and harmony. The founding of this unification of nations shall be in the political interest and support of all nations, for the betterment and growth of all nations, and the security and prosperity of all nations.

Article I: right of entry

Membership Application:

If you would like to be admitted to into the New Roman Republic, you will be required to provide the following information about your nation.

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Link to Your Nation:

Nation Strength:

Previous Alliances:

Would you switch to the white team (not required):

Other things about yourself (optional):

Revoking of Membership:

All nations are welcome into the New Roman Republic; however, any nation that does not follow the laws of the Constitution disobeys orders, or acts against the will of the New Roman Republic will be punished or banned from the alliance.

Order of Punishment:

1st offense: A single and first offense with breaking the rules will result in a warning.

2nd offense: A second offense following will result in a warning as well as a probation period in which the offender must follow through and show that he/she has learned their lesson.

3rd offense: A third offense will result in banning or ZI.

All offenses may be brought before the court to dispute the legitimacy of such offenses, as in the cases of ZI and banning. If you are found not guilty the offense will be removed from your name.

In serious cases of treason, cheating, or other greater causes, your nation may be liable to immediate banning/ZI upon the decision of the Council. In these situations, you may or may not be allowed a case before alliance court.

Article II: Responsibilities of Members

All members of the New Roman Republic must follow these simple and basic guidelines to maintain their association and stature within the alliance.

I: All members must remain active among the community of the New Roman Republic. While we do not require specific numbers of posts or set amounts of interaction, we strongly urge all members to post and frequent the forums and visit our IRC channel at least once a day. Saving the New Roman Republic website as a favorite will help make this easier. Members should respond to direct messages as quickly as possible and without delay excluding mass messages.

II: At any point in time, all members must belong to the New Roman Republic alliance and no others. Freeloaders and double alliances will not be allowed.

III. All nations are responsible for answering the call for the defense of the New Roman Republic through whichever way is required: militarily or economically.

IV: All members are required to respect the chain of command and listen to the leaders of the alliance; orders must be followed.

V: Under no circumstances will any member of the New Roman Republic release tactical or otherwise classified information to any nation or member of any alliance, or even discuss such things with any outside source in the CN world. This is treason and could result in immediate banning or ZI.

VI: The New Roman Republic strongly recommends nations to switch to the White Team, but this is not a requirement.

Article III: Government

Chain of Command: The New Roman Republic shall be under the following chain of command, following the orders of all leaders of higher rank. All members are required to follow the orders of higher-ranking officials provided that they themselves are following orders and are commanding within the range of their jurisdiction.

The Council

-Chief Executives: The two Chief Executives and founders of the New Roman Republic will be the overseers of the alliance and will be responsible for the organization and protections of its members; they will possess every position until other member takes over. These founding positions shall be permanent or until their positions are given over to another by their own choice.

Powers: The chief executives have the power to vote in the council vote, and to give command to all those under them. The decisions of the chief executives will have authority over the minor decisions of the individual departments not voted upon by the Council. The powers of the executives do not allow for the vetoing of decisions made by the Commune as a whole but the executives cannot be removed from office.

-Director’s Circle: The five members of the director’s triad will be civilly elected officials who will serve on the Council to make decisions that affect the New Roman Republic.

Members elected to the positions of Director of Finances, Director of War, Director of Internal Affairs, Director of Foreign Affairs, and Director of Investigations will make up the Director’s Circle. Positions are permanent unless relieved of command or upon resignation. Upon such, new directors will be chosen.

Director of Finances: The director of finances shall be the coordinator and head of the Department of Finances and the overseer of all offices held within. He/she will be responsible for the maintaining bank nations, the overseeing of the growth of new nations, and the distribution of aid to nations within the alliance.

Director of War: The director of war shall be the head of the Department of War and shall organize and oversee all positions within including officers and soldier nations. He/she will maintain the military troops of the New Roman Republic and assert the military chain of command so as to prepare the alliance for defense in a time of war.

Director of Investigations: The director of investigations shall be the head of the Department of Investigations and the leader of all positions within. He/she will be responsible for the investigation into nations of the alliance and carry out in court against nations accused of certain offenses.

Lawmaking and Decision-making:

-All proposed new laws and major decisions including war, defense, spending, treaties, and alliances must be approved by the Council. The Council will be made of the Director’s Triad and the Chief Executives and each member will have one vote. A majority (5/7) vote is required to pass all laws and decisions of the New Roman Republic.

-For cases in which the treason/loyalty of individual member(s) of the New Roman Republic is brought into question, a (7/7) vote will be required to ban or ZI a member without past warning.

-Amendments to the Constitution will require a majority (5/7) vote.

Department of Internal Affairs:

The Department of Internal Affairs will be responsible for the internal structuring and maintaining of the alliance, the spreading of information to members of the alliance, the overseeing of forum moderation, and all internal communications between alliance members.

Positions within the DoIA:

-Director of Internal Affairs: The Director of Internal Affairs keeps the structure of the Alliance together and oversees all other Departments. Also, the DoIA acts as the chief moderator of the forums and makes sure information is spread throughout the alliance. The Director of Internal Affairs has one vote in the Roman Council.-Couriers: Couriers are nations who spread information and mass messages to members of the New Roman Republic as assigned by the Director of Internal Affairs.

-Recruiters: The essential part in the gaining of new members for the alliance.

-Mods: Moderate the forums.

Department of Foreign Affairs:

The Department of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for all contact between the New Roman Republic and other alliances through embassies, treaties, and private/public intra-alliance communications. In times of war the Department of Foreign Affairs shall work in tangent with the Department of War.

Positions within the DoFA:

-Director of Foreign Affairs: The Director of Foreign Affairs works with other alliances to improve the image of the New Roman Republic and to oversee ambassadors to create embassies and treaties for the alliance. The Director of Foreign Affairs is a permanent position and has one vote in the Roman Council.

-Ambassadors: Ambassadors are the representatives of the alliance to other alliances. You must be sharp and ready to talk and negotiate; working directly under the Director of Foreign Affairs, ambassadors will create embassies and meet with other alliances on IRC chat, on forums, or via PM.

Department of Finances:

The Department of Finances will oversee the maintaining of bank nations, the distribution of aid, the growth of new member nations, and tech deals and trading within the alliance.

Positions within the DoF:

-Director of Finances: Oversees bank nations, tech deals, and new member’s nation growth, works to optimize the amount of money generated within the New Roman Republic and all its members, as well as distributing aid. The Director of Finances is an elected position and has one vote in the Roman Council.

-Bank Nation: A bank nation holds and generates money for the alliance in place of being a soldier in times of war.

-Tech Seller: Not an official position, but if you wish to be a tech seller please say so in our official tech selling section of the Department of Finances. The Director of Finances may call upon sellers to provide tech for specific deals involving nations of other alliances.

I: Money accumulated for uses in aid and banks is New Roman Republic property and taking from these funds without permission is stealing and will result in serious punishment, and repayment must be made.

Department of War:

The Department of War will oversee the security of the New Roman Republic, the maintaining of the army, and the direction of officers and soldiers in wartime.

Positions within the DoW:

-Director of War: Oversees officers and all soldiers within the New Roman Republic. With the direction of the Council, the Director of War will coordinate war and defense of the alliance and will help to train and organize the ranks of the Roman army. The Director of War is an elected position and has one vote in the Roman Council.

-Officer: A select number of Roman members will be allowed to hold the officer position within the military. Officers will answer directly to the Director of War and will oversee individual squads of nations in war.

-Soldier: All members of the New Roman Republic not in a position of government are soldier nations and will be assigned as such.

I: Members will be allowed to declare war on nations, but they must apply for it in the Department of War. The nation must not be in a medium to large sized alliance and you must have at least a small reason for attacking them like to get money for infrastructure or to raid the nation's technology. The Director of War must approve your application in order to attack another nation.

II: Officers shall be responsible for a set number of nations of similar strength and will be responsible for messaging these nations and directing their attacks in wartime as specified by the Director of War.

Department of Investigations:

The Department of Investigations will oversee the trials of members of the alliance in court, and will be responsible for all official investigation matters of the New Roman Republic. In times of war the Department of Investigations will work in tangent with the Department of War.

Positions within the DoI:

-Director of Investigations: Leads official investigations and trials of member nations and oversees investigations and defense attorneys. The Director of Investigations is an elected position and has one vote in the Roman Council.

-Investigators: Will assist the Director of Investigations in watching Roman members and making sure everyone follows the rules, and may answer to Council as well for other tasks. Investigators will also oversee member orientation.

-Defense Attorney: Will act as a defending assistant to member nations on trial.

I: Trials in court will be done as follows. Investigators will work with both sides to uncover and present unbiased evidence. The defendant and his defense attorney will make their case based on the facts, and the prosecutor will make his case. The Director of Investigations will assign defense attorneys, and if no one is available as a prosecutor, the Director will also assign an investigator to that temporary position. A majority vote (5/7) by the Roman Council will decide whether the defendant is guilty or not.

II: The Court will also be used to solve disputes between nations within the alliance.

Article IV: War and Defense

General Statutes of the Military:

I: Defense: If a member of the New Roman Republic is attacked by another nation, the New Roman Republic will defend that nation with all resources and options available. We promise to protect and repay for damages caused to your nation by other nations and will help to defend and solve all hostile situations.

II: Attacks: Under no circumstances are members of the New Roman Republic to attack any nation without permission from the Director of War. Attacks against member nations of the New Roman Republic are not allowed, and doing so will result in immediate ZI.

III: Tech Raiding: Tech raiding is allowed, but all nations wishing to tech raid must get permission for every target they wish to attack. The New Roman Republic is not responsible for the losses of nations in tech raiding, but will assist in the ending of any conflicts started by the member if is deemed necessary.

IV: Spies: The used of spies is counted as attacks against another nation. Spies are allowed but may only be used against nations of which has properly attacked with permission from the Director of War or to nations of an alliance of which the New Roman Republic is at war with. Since this is a major offense, the use of spies in situations beyond these could result in immediate banning or ZI for the safety of the alliance’s sake as a whole.

V: Nuclear Weapons: Nuclear weapons are allowed, but may only be purchased with the prior approval of the Chief Executives, which may limit the number of weapons a single nation is allowed to own. Nuclear weapons can be used, but permission must be acquired from the Chief Executives to use them. If you have been attacked by nuclear weapons, you may respond with a similar nuclear defensive attack, but you must report this as well.

VI: All nations are required to keep their military at or above minimum standards in the possible event of war and the defense of the New Roman Republic.

VII: Any nation ordered to attack by a higher-ranking military officer or government official must oblige and follow commands without question. The New Roman Republic will do its best to repay all losses in such attacks. Failure to follow any such order will result in an offense and possible additional consequences.

VIII: Surrender is not an option. If you are told to fight, you will continue to do so or declare peace if approved by the Director of War. Declaring peace without permission is a major offense and can occur with a ban or even ZI.

IX: If an enemy nation offers to surrender, you must report such an occurrence in the Department of War and continue to attack the other nation until the surrender has been approved. If the enemy surrender is not approved, you must continue the attack regardless. You may not make secret peace/surrender deals and terms for the personal gain of your nation, as it is a serious offense.

X: Nations of the New Roman Republic may not aid or accept the aid of enemies of the New Roman Republic without the approval of superiors.

Article V: Alliance Member Power

Positions of Leadership:

All positions of leaderships (besides Chief Executives) are open to the public and may be taken by ordinary members of the alliance. These positions last forever until a member nation steps down or is relieved from their position. The number of positions for any non-director position of responsibility may vary as the alliance grows. Apply for positions under the appropriate section on the forums. Elected positions must be applied to prior to the voting period.

Director’s Circle Voting:

Voting polls will be held for the five positions of responsibility (Director of Finances, Director of War, Director of Investigations, Director of Foreign Affairs, and Director of Internal Affairs). These positions are also the positions of the Director’s Circle, of which each has a vote in the Roman Council. Any nation may run for these positions and may sign up to appear on the ballot before elections begin (this will be announced beforehand). The first Director’s Triad will be applied for and picked by the Chief Executives.

Alliance Change/Team Color Change/Alliance Merging:

In all of the above cases, a poll will be held in which all members of the New Roman Republic will be invited to cast their vote for change. PMs to all alliance nations should be sent our beforehand. The voting thread will be open for a maximum of 7 days, and will close on the final day. The poll choice with the most votes will decide these changes.

Article VI: Laws and Amendments

Enacted Amendments:

Amendments will be added in their appropriate places in the constitution as well in ITALICS.

Amendment I: Powers and Responsibilities

§ 2-1. The Chief Executive must take care that the laws be faithfully executed by any means deemed necessary. Chief Executive shall also have ultimate authority over foreign matters and may override any decisions made by the Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

A. Chief Executives are responsible for ensuring that all member of the alliance follow rules and regulations. Reasonable corrective actions shall include, but are not limited to:

1. Making a prompt demand that such member either discontinue or remedy their actions, and

2. If such member does not comply with such request, promptly expel member from current government position or from the alliance entirely without possible reentry.

B. In addition to the provisions to Subsection A, Chief Executive have the authority to create Executive Orders. Executive orders may, but are not limited to:

1. Be used to help directors in their operations,

2. Failure to follow will result in removal from office.

3. To override an Executive order, a 100% 60-65% vote of the Council or 75% or greater vote of the entire community is necessary.

4. Executive Orders shall be as binding as Law.

§ 2-2. Directors must ensure that the Chief Executives perform their duties in a reasonable time frame and must aid them in anyway allowed by Constitution.

A. A director shall address the entire Council about the situations at hand

1. Methods of contact include IRC and/or creating a topic under the Council’s Forum.

B. Any vacancies in office shall be controlled by entire council.

1. Chief Executives shall have ultimate authority over decisions; however must not interfere with the decision making process of the entire council by demanding a specific outcome.

Article VII: Oath of constituents

As a member of the New Roman Republic I pledge to follow the laws and decisions of the Council and Chief Executives, whoever they may be. I promise that I shall defend the New Roman Republic in times of war and that I will follow all orders as given, remaining loyal to the alliance at all times. I will uphold the Constitution of the alliance, and pursue its rules in all aspects of Cyber Nations for the betterment and security of the New Roman Republic and all of its members.


DallasFan981, Chief Executive/Creator of the New Roman Republic

Edited by DallasFan981
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Also, you are way to small and inexperienced to lead an alliance (unless you are a re-roll, which I doubt). You should know that you never go around talking about your alliance until you have 5 members so that nobody tech raids you. I suggest just joining TOOL (or perhaps UPN) and making your alliance once you have gotten a taste of leadership from them. It takes a lot to make a successful alliance.

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I still am in the alliance that is an ally of TOOL but I won't be once I get some directors for the alliance.

So you're in this "New Auric Armada" however you're creating a new alliance but not leaving New Auric Armada because you're using them for protection? Not a very good move I must say.

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I have put in ideas to our Roman Council for Bank Ideas. This will help nations to get more money and we have another idea which I must keep secret unless you are in the alliance which will keep money in the alliance in case of one of our nations needing aid. And anyone is welcome to come and help us out just go to nrrepublic.forumotion.com to sign-up and you will be given a position as soon as possible.

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