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Aqua Trade Circle


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Fish- kch674

Rubber- Mister Nikov


Iron- heidi


Aluminum- DanishViking

Water- Mister Nikov


Lumber- Camman

Marble- Camman

Oil- DanishViking

Spices- heidi

Bonus Resources: Automobiles, Beer, Construction, Asphalt, Steel, and Scholars.

All Possible Benefits (Because some require things that nations do not have):

Initial infrastructure cost: -47%

Infrastructure upkeep: -21%

Population increase: +16%

Citizen income: +$10.50

Population happiness increase: 8 (without inter color bonuses)

Initial land cost: -5%

Purchased land area: +35%

Value of land when selling: Tripled

Environment: +1

Environment penalties of owning nuclear weapons: -50%

Soldier efficiency: +38%

Initial soldier cost: -$6.00

Soldier upkeep cost: -$0.50

Tank purchase cost: -8%

Tank upkeep cost: -13%

Initial aircraft cost: -17%

Aircraft purchase cost: -4%

Aircraft upkeep: -25%

Aircraft limit: +10

Cruise missle purchase cost: -20%

Cruise missle upkeep: -20%

Nuclear weapon purchase cost: -20%

Nuclear weapon upkeep: -20%

Navy vessel upkeep: -30%

Aircraft carrier and submarine upkeep: -5%

Other participants needed! Aqua only!

The calculations are not exact anymore as resources have changed.

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