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A United Nations Reminder.

Rude Empire

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Over the past few days I have noticed the alliance growth starting to recover, as the picture below shows.


But I am starting to fear that the same problem that happened to UN at the start of the round causing it to be almost destroyed will happen again. So I have posted a reminder topic to the other alliances of CN:TE that might be attacked by one or two odd nations from United Nations. And so I shall make this highly clear right now.

The United Nations is a peaceful and defensive alliance and does not seak war with other alliances, we are protected by United White and we do not wish to abuse our protectorate and never will. If one, two or more nations from the United Nations attacks an alliance with out the United Nations posting a DoW on these forums then serious action will be taken against those nations that have attacked an AA that we have not declared war on. The United Nations also shows repsect to all alliances big or small and that we do not allow tech raids on any alliance besides our enemys and those with out an alliance. I would also like to note that if a DoW from the United Nations has been posted it must have my name as the person who created the topic other wise the nation or person who faked the DoW to cause problems and trouble will be dealt with effective and deadly force from the United Nations and its Protectorate; United White.

The United Nations would also like to note that if a none allianced nation being raided joins the Untied Nations then they will be stright away sheilded from tech raiders and those all ready raiding that nation would be warned to declare peace or a ceasefire intill the war has expired. Or face being attacked by United Nation forces. Which would soon lead to our protectorate (United White) to step in and take further action. One that most alliances would not want.



Leader of United Nations

Founder of United nations

Controller of all actions of United Nations

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