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The AA "freedomAT"


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Looks like I have a hater named "fluffy" in my AA. Here's the story:

I got a message from my fellow Fark ally Arcane. He let me know that I had yet another nation under my AA attacking their alliance. I went onto the forums to PM the member.

As soon as I sign on I see a topic called "resign" And here is the message:

"I resign, because of fark. We should have never been on their side, they attack and feed on the weak, NAAC of old would have never been on their side. There is honor in NAAC, but none in naacw."

I read this and I check one last time to see if Fark attacked first. Nope, that's not the case. What actually happened was fluffy attacked THREE Fark members and got only 2 attacks in return. I closed the topic and banned him from the forums. Then I go onto his nation and fill up his last defensive slot to defend my allies. Then I get this titled "NAAC" which is weird since my AA is NAAW:

"Subject: NAAC

Message: they attack the weak and you are no better than them"

So I reply with:

"Subject: Attacking an ally is not honorable

Message: I suggest you stop attacking our ally or the minute those wars with fark end, the minute my alliance attacks you. You attacked 3 allies and expected no retaliation. You got retaliation by fark...got pissed off..and claimed they feed on the weak. You were feeding on the weak when you raided fark. You have been banned from the forums and NAAW will take action to defend their allies. "

Then there were a series of messages inbetween. He set his bio to "naac + warlordz = dis-honor Long Live NAAC !!!" and then his AA as my ruler name "FreedomAT". Did I forget to tell you this last message?

"no, they fed on a friend of mine, he is 11 yrs old"

Thats when I absolutely lost it. Are you kidding me? It saddens me that I had someone like this in my alliance. I'm also mad at myself for letting someone so juvenile make me this saddened.

The whole point of this post is that NAAW will be taking action against this nation and that I hope no one else is stupid enough to let this guy into their alliance.

o/ Fark

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Nations that step out of line and then start acting badly is always a problem in both editions of CN.

I know but it's kind of funny and I wanted the rest of Fark to see this.

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Sometimes its not funny when it puts your alliance and your nation on the line.

How does that put my nation and alliance on the line? I'm simply letting Fark know that fluffy is no longer NAAW so they can attack as much as they want.

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