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Murder Inc (Quad)Announcement


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As you may know, recently a coup was led against the original Murder Inc. government by XRCatD (Ante). At first the Murder Inc. membership was willing to accept this new government, but in the past few days, we have grown weary of this change. Therefore! I would like to announce the NEW government of Murder Inc. and a milestone to boot!

Aetherius Princeps --- Chief Executive Officer

Elmo --- Minister of War

Grover --- Minister of Foreign Affairs

Snuffy --- Minister of Internal Affairs

Zoe --- Minister of Recruitment

The Count ---Minister of Finance

XRCatD --- Minister of Taking the Blame For Me (MoTtBFM)

And on to the milestone! I am very pleased to announce that Murder Inc. has passed the 200,000 Strength milestone!


I am also wondering if Judgement (sic) is getting bored with this war and would like Surrender Terms from Murder Inc. yet? They're simple:

1. You Peace all wars with Murder Inc. Members

2. You apologize for declaring war on us based on our policy you didn't agree with

3. You all consolidate into one AA, "Judgement"

4. You kiss the signet ring on all of the Minister's hands

5. Partake in the celebration of our new Government and be merry! :D


Aetherius Princeps, CEO

Elmo, MoW

Grover, MoFA

Snuffy, MoIA

Zoe, MoR

The Count, MoF


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You do know when they look at your profile they try to find out who you are or what your doing. Then they say this guy isn't important

This is coming from the guy who only had 27 people try to find out who he is.

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Lol, nice to see some humor (I hope to god it's humor).

What is humorous about this?

my trolling skills...mocked....

*goes super saiyan*

I lol'ed

Except this "coup" isn't recognized by the Committee.

I AM the Committee!

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Dude your just out there more than me. Your arguements don't make sense at all

No one said that it was an argument.

How do I not recognize my own Coup? And finally you admit I am the committee.

Even if you are the committee, I said that the committee does not recognize the coup. Therefore it can't recognize the coup.

According to the Charter, the Committee must do what I (the CEO) says.

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