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Aqua 5BR w/ Fish, Uranium, Gems


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Alrighty, pretty straight forward circle. The ever popular 5BR with three desirable resources. My preference would be for the construction resources to be paired with one of the "less desirable" resources like coal, oil, or rubber, so we're not looking at an aluminum/iron trade for the last spot in the circle. But obviously if some lucky person with aluminum/iron wants to join I won't stop 'em. :P

Rubber: Khalif

Iron: Gesepp

Aluminum: Lazarus Long

Lumber: HoopsTGG

Marble: Gesepp

Coal: HoopsTGG

Oil: Lazarus Long

Fish: Mr Masiat

Water: Khalif

Wheat: Mr Masiat

Uranium: Choader

Gems: Choader

Alternates: Feardaram w/ wheat and oil

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You know, I'll put you down but as an alternate. I'm afraid that if we take up the second tier resources all at once we'll have a hard time finding the rest of them. I'll be giving you updates. :)

ok thanks

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