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Be one of the top 50 nations on a specific color team.

Be one of the top 100 nations on a specific color team, or near the top 100 - if nations in the top 100 set their Senate Vote Option to Do Not Allow Senate Votes then they can not receive more votes, and the next person in line (rank 101 and so on and so forth) gets the option (is on the list).

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Well, for instance, you are Aqua, so http://www.cybernations.net/allNations_dis...s.asp?Team=Aqua you can see all the rankings of that color sphere there. You can check your own nation rank by color by checking your NS, and finding your name amongst that range (i.e. at the time of this post you are ranked #1256 of 3,703 Aqua nations).

When you look at the drop down menu when you go to vote for a senator it shows just the names and nation names of the 100 eligible nations. For the actual top 100 in the color (without figuring in who and who does not have the Senate Vote Option enabled) see the link above; you can look at any of the colors and see who ranks where... I believe this thread would have been more suited for the Question Center located here: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showforum=16 for future reference. I hope that answers everything...

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