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Electron Sponge

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Name: Electron Sponge

Seeking: Stable and prosperous alliance with growth potential, capable leadership, and a good community. Freedom from any surrender terms is a sine qua non.

Past Alliances: New Pacific Order, New Polar Order, Vox Populi

Positions formerly held:

  • With NPO:
    • Alliance Councilor
    • Head of the Imperial Guard
    • Battalion Lieutenant

    [*]With NpO:

    • Alliance Councilor
    • War Councilor
    • Acting Minister of Plenty
    • Emperor
    • Imperator Emeritus (current)

    [*]With ODN

    • Viceroy

  • Veteran of nearly every major conflict in the history of Cyber Nations.
  • Creative force behind quite a bit of the culture and traditions of CN.
  • Well connected and well respected by both friends and enemies.
  • Very handy with computers and related technology. Experienced forum and server admin.
  • also hello

Alliances I have been recruited by so far, in no particular order:

The Democratic Order

Imperium of Mutual Defense (x2)

Republic of Elite Colonies

Simply Orange


CN Union

Guru Order

Greenland Republic (x8)

Aurora Borealis


The Christian Alliance

Federation Of Buccaneers



Mostly Harmless Alliance

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