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Alright, I know (kind of) how tech deals work, and with tech costs less than $20K a level, I am in a position to participate in the selling side. I know how to do the whole process with an intermediary nation and the like, but there are some aspects I'm a little confused about and could use you all's help with.

Firstoff, I see a lot of deals going on where people are saying that this deal is 'long term,' sometimes 'thirty-day deals' and sometimes 'permanent.' If foreign aid is a one-time offer, how can tech deals be permanent?

Second, for those nations that want to participate in the selling side of the tech market, but do not have enough tech to start selling right off the bat; is it acceptable for those nations to put up the offer for 50 or 100 tech, take the money, and buy the tech with it, keeping the profits? Or is this kind of like speculating on stocks?

Finally, what kind of retribution system do you have for countries that don't follow through on their side of the bargain? I know that the tech market isn't "official," persay, and you can hardly expect CN admins to come in and intervene on your behalf if the rogue you tried to deal with just takes your money and runs. So what then?

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Most (if not all) tech buyers are happy to send the money first and wait 10 days to get their tech although larger deals in which 3 buyers and 3 sellers (or 5 buyers and 5 sellers) get together are also common. In those cases you receive the money from one buyer and send tech to the other two buyers.

The cost of tech is going up so most tech buyers are very happy to find a reliable seller who sells 100 tech for 3 million.

Typically it is easier to trust a seller who is a member of an alliance and has been with them for a couple of days (at least). There have been cases of nations taking the money and not paying the tech but they typically don't get very far. ;)

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