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Looking for USSR type alliance


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Hello, I am currently looking for an alliance that operates like the USSR, and I would like to join it. Please send a PM http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=284651 if you are interested in having another nation added to your socialist republics. Thanks

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Join the German Empire. We need more Socialist and Communist members for our left wing Parties in the Reichstag. As long as you don't try and destroy the Empire, and just wish to join the Party and do peaceful Socialist reforms, all should be fine and the Party won't be banned. :P I hope you are interested. :)

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Check out the Socialistic Empire or Communist Party of Cyber Nations for your commie lulz. OR, if you want to be a scourge upon unsuspecting unaligned nations, join the Federation of Buccaneers! Looting and plundering ain't just for the enemies of captian planet, it's the Buccaneer code. :D

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Join Soldier,

Our Alliance is awesome,

Also we write funny stuff on our forums,

But not all has been said,

We are a great community,

Democracy Rule,

Plenty of Tech Deals,

Meaning more money,

Meaning good powerful nation,

So join Soldier now and be greeted with money.

Just change your AA to 'Soldier'

And register at the forums below:


and post an application in the Enlistment Office.

Thank you for reading.

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