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Havnt had a single event


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If you're collecting daily, compared to collecting every 5-10 days, your chances will be much bigger to get an event, as it will be choosen randomly each time you collect taxes. You can increase the chance to get an event only by daily collecting.

This is true. The chance of you getting one is still low though.

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I've had maybe 20 events my entire time playing CN(486 days). I had most of those in the first 3 months, then I went about 7 months without a single event, then in the past few months I've had 9 events, 3 occassions of having 3 events at the same time.

Luckily out of the last 9 events 3 have been +15% citizen count events, and none have been bad. :)

However having 2 of the +15% citizen events at the same time seemed awesome then, but then when I lost them it really hurt my growth. I lost 9k citizens after they expired, which really hurt my income.

I'm hoping for a good event right about now, it's why I always collect daily.

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