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Follow us down the rabbit hole

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Follow us down the Rabbit Hole.....

Folks say, "This is TE, have fun!" So several weeks ago, a couple of my minions and I started tossing out those silly "wouldn't it be fun" brainstorming sessions. Actually I think it was just me being silly and my minions just sort of tolerating me, but I digress...

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm good on my word. I'm not big on intricate plots and plans to backstab so and so to pass up such and such alliance. I and a few like-minded friends are just here for a little fun, and my role in heading this experiment is simply to serve as our sounding board and central point of contact, no matter how much I claim to be anti-social. ;)

We also like eye-candy and twisted senses of humor, much like my own, all of which you will be able to find there on the forum we made up for this, just for kicks. :D Many thanks to one of my minions for the design work.

This Realm is for grown-ups...

IRC #WonderlandTE on coldfront.

Short story long:

New TE black team alliance!

Switch your AA to Wonderland

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