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Flag Gone


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Rofl, I just noticed that, it changed to a flag with the world in the middle.

EDIT: It's because they're no longer a sanctioned alliance, they have been replaced with Sparta and ODN.

:nuke: Reaper :nuke:

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I am a Goon and I never heard about it.

Besides the Goon flag looked awesome,

oh and we should be sanctioned, we may be at war but we're huge!!

Admin said this on the matter-

Congragulation Sparta, CSN, and GATO. Please PM me a link to your flag (80 pixels in height) along with the full meaning of your acronym (applies to CSN and GATO).

To the alliances losing your sanction if you want to keep your flag in-game you must PM me with a request to keep it BEFORE I make the audit update in-game, otherwise your flag will be replaced by one of the newly sanctioned alliances.

There you go. Before you say anything, there was plenty of GOONs on. They were just too busy flaming people.

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