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The Global League of Protectorates (GLOP)

Any Team

Forums: www.GLOP.co.nr

GLOP Charter

The Global League of Protectorates (a.k.a. GLOP) is a newly formed alliance created on September 12, 2007 by the merger of the Informal Peace Alliance and the Global Organization Of Republics.

Like most alliances, the GLOP is an alliance dedicated to peace and the protection of it's members. But why should you join the GLOP instead of other alliances if it is just like them? The Answer: WE HAVE A FREAKIN' AWESOME NAME!!!!!!


and we offer up to $300,000 in start-up aid as well as advice to help your nation grow and the comfort of the coolest family of nations on the face of the earth.

We need virgins to sacrifice to the gods, so all new members are welcome to join us as long as they can help accomodate this need. Just respond to this post with the following information and then go to our forums at http://www.GLOP.co.nrand make the same post there in our welcome center. We will then contact you quickly as to the status of your application:

- Nation Name

- Ruler Name

- Team Color

- Resources

- Any past alliances

- Who/what recruited you?

NOTE: You do not actually need to supply virgins for the sacrifice, we will do that ourselves.

~Bartholomew Roberts, GLOP Co-Founder, Militia Commander and Chief Admin

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Hey guys. I just left my previous alliance and am looking to join a new one, and you guys seem cool.

- Nation Name: Ecneics

- Ruler Name: karel747

- Team Color: Grren

- Resources: Pigs, Lead

- Any past alliances: GPA

I'm currently at war with a raiding $@! who won't accept my peace, so hopefully that won't affect your decision.

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