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The Protectorate of Curland


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We believe in a good hard fight..

Followed by swaping tales of glory.. followed by sharing drinks and pats in the back after wards.

GW4 was Hard! specially if you were in at the beginning either in the first attacks or the counter attack. We dont care which side you were on, as long as you FOUGHT! show us your scars! show us your enemy anarchy count, your soldier casualties and you will be honored!

There is no higher honor than to be ZI'd for your alliance. Come to us with littel infra and you will be honored. There is no higher bragging rights than Victory! come to us with your casualty and anarch list and you will be exhalted!

You are Welcome amongst us!

Join us! at --> Our Forums <--

Be a part of something bigger, The Hanseatic League (a block of several allainces) becons you!

King Vitauts the Great

Protectorate of Curland

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:ph34r: DO you realize that all treaties posted on the old forums are gone?

Buahahahhaa! Chaos will ensue! The strongest, swiftest and more skilled will survive the coming massacre!!

Buahahaahah! We will take over all!

Just kidding.. of course we remember who are buddies are, and we have copies of all the treaties..

or do we?

Make a new start! Start from a clean slate! treaty with us!

Or if a single nation... just join us. We are looking for a few good warriors.

King Vitauts, slightly insane.

Protectorate or Curland

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The Old forums were dusty, and old... these are clean new and fresh!

Lets conquer them with our Wit! our reasoned posts and our undeniable logic and appeal...

Nah Lets just conquer them by sheer force of arms! :ph34r:

Join us! in this new adventure!

King Vitauts the Great

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War is upon us.. and we march to meet our maker.

Old soldiers, deathly afraid of dying in their beds roll out of the retirement homes and proceed to the Military refurbishment office where they will be fitted with automatic weapons attached to their wheelchairs.

Veterans from past conflicts crawl, hop or skip to the same building to be attached hooks, flame throwers and freaking lazer beams.

The sick in their beds are assigned 'desk' duty. Doctors monitor carefully their condition. And when they are 'ready' a bomb and a welcoming note is strapped to their chest and they are rushed to a bomber aircraft ready for the next bombing run before they give out the ghost.

The most horrible fate to befall a warrior of the Protectorate is to die peacefully and not in battle. We shall loose not one veteran! not one sick! none of our wounded! Each and everyone shall die in battle to join our vast amassing army in Valhalla!!

Onwards to Victory!!

King Vitauts the Great.

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The War so far:

First day:

Attack GOONS!

Second day:

Incoming! GOON counter attack! Hold.. hold the line...

Attack RnR!

Third day:

Come on push! push those goons back...

RnR mega counter attack! Arghhh. we cant hold on... hold on.. Arghhh slipping..

Hahahaha! On to glory!


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Now what does that tell you?

We have friends with CLASS!

In fact our friends (and current enemies) are so classy it rubs a little on us... and we partake on the classiness

Be a Classy guy! and join our allaince!

King Vitauts, thanksing his friends.

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We Made it!

GOONS fought hard. Their counter attack was mighty... but we not only held but pushed!

RnR was awesome.. by the time they surrendered we were battered and bruised... BUT they surrendered, he he

And now, EoTRS will feel the weight of our war hammers, the sharpness of our blades, the swing of our battle axes, and WILL fall as well.

Join US!

We are looking for a few good warriors!

Did you fight against us? Then you did well and will be honored, join us!

King Vitauts the Victorious

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We are on a recruitment drive!

Are you drifting allaince less? were you disbanded recently?

Not want to be looking at the business of our guns after we finish this war? (we raid nones)

Well, apply for a position at the Protectorate!

Bring your resume! show us your causalties, show us the enemies you defeated!

it does not matter which side of teh war you fought, as long as you fought well.

Join Us!!

King Vitauts the victorious

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No more available Goon slots, RnR surrendered, BAPS surrendered, and no more available EoTRS slots.

It was tough!

Many props to our opponents in the Goon counter attack: S-Empire, Nutopia, Jigoku, Thump. You all put a HECK of fight! incredible display of military might! we were honored to have fought you.

The same can be said of our RnR opponents: ferretopia, Anihilate, and others.

We hear that BAPS were fierce warriors but by the time we got to them and EoTRS we were simply the clean up crew.. and the epic battles and brave fights were all but gone.

We would like to extend our hand in friendship to all (well, after we stop fighting GOONs and EOTRS and they surrender). We were allies of GOONS once (in GW3) and GOONS were reasonable in a few raiding incidents with us. So after all is over..

Come on by and have a few beers, drink some mead, eat some steak and swap tales of glory.

King Vitauts,

wishing for a quick resolution of the conflict.

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Got confused and caught up with the new soldier calcs.

When you deploy.. you deploy the BASE soldiers! (not the soldiers in parenthesis)

So I deployed too many and was left with ONE defending soldiers.

Shame.. shame.. shame on me.

King Vitauts.. head hung low :(

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We are glad to report that the tensions between The Enforcers and the PoC over a raid of a BE member have ended.

The Enforcers have graciously agreed to pay reps to the original BE (The Byzantine Empire) member they raided (if he bothers to tell us how much that is).

It was painful to go against another Aqua Alliance and we are glad it did not go beyond a minor scuffle.

All Hail the PoC!! All hail Aqua unity!

Join US!

King Vitauts the Great BE defender.

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And we also glad to report that after a spirited and well fought defense NovaKova of EoTRS has surrendered and is now a NoV POW.

He did take two parting cruise missile shots at us just before changing his AA.

Tsk, tsk...

However in all our mercy we understand how he could be upset... and we forgive him.

We fight! we kill! we die! and then the grudges are gone, anger is forgotten and we celebrate!

As of this moment, NovaKova, as a NoV POW is under our protection.

Join Us!!

King Vitauts the merciful

Protectorate of Curland.

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War in another front!

Our victorious but tired troops trekked last night five miles on a forced march to join an attack by Norden Verein on the Libertarian Socialist Federation in retaliation of their largest member nuking NoV's largest member, as well as a member of Nueva Vida.

Two LSF nations have been engaged by Vitland (still recovering from the GOON war), and more have been by he rest of our allaince.

As we are part of the Hanseatic League it is our duty to do so, although we are sad we are once again at war with the LSF (last time was know as the St. patrick's massacre).

We wish you entry into Valhalla as reward for a well and hard fought death!

King Vitauts the Great

PS: Join us! you wont get any cash, probably will loose infra, but you wont regret it :)

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Our forces are victorious.

It seems strange how unprepared the enemy was: no tanks, no airforce, minimum soldiers, given that the drama was unfolding for several days. All we can do is wish them well in our send off to Valhalla

Join us!

King Vitauts the Great

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I was going to write about how we have become skilled surgeons able to maintain our victims 'alive' with only one soldier.. and successfully attack him without killing him ( you lost 0 soldiers, you killed 0 soldiers, you destroyed 20 infra, got 5 tech and looted XXX).

But.. I sounded too much like an evil Inquisition torturer torturing my victims just to the point of no return but not quite.

So I wont talk about that...

and I will just say: Bump! instead


King Vitauts aka Torquemada

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Good, he 'woke' up.. and fought back.

It really goes against our most ingrained nature to pound on an inactive enemy, to just hit it with no response...

a cold lump lying in the battel field.

I would rather take some damage but be engaged in a battle with someone that is fighting back.

Good! He will be welcome by our own dead soldiers in Valhalla, where he will feast with our offerings.

LSF: Fight and Die hard!

Join us!

King Vitauts, feeling a little less evil

Protectorate of Curland

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