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Mushroom Kingdom

Are you looking for an alliance that knows how to have a good time while not at the expense of making a name for itself on Planet Bob? If so then please check out the Mushroom Kingdom, an Aqua team alliance. MK has existed for almost three years, and in that time has grown to almost 230 members and over 7,400,000 total nation strength (attaining a sanction as one of the top-12 alliances in the process). With rich origins MK is home to many well known members from all walks of Cyber Nations history. Why not join them in growth and prosperity?

What the Mushroom Kingdom has to offer you:

  • Access to lucrative tech-dealing, with an abundance of both buyers and sellers.
  • An active, proficient military, christened the Godliest Military Empire in CN and recognized two years in a row as Cyber Nations Best Military.
  • Room for advancement and the opportunity to leave your mark, in the Military, Foreign Affairs, Treasury, Communications, and Culture Corps.


Contact Info:

Forums: http://thecastlehall.com/

IRC: #mushroom on Coldfront

Current Government of the Mushroom Kingdom:

King: Archon

Princes: SirWilliam and rafael nadal

Lord High Vanguard: babyjesus

Lord High Envoy: MagicalTrevor

Lord High Treasurer: James I

Lord High Communicator: AVFC1

Lord High Inductor: lebubu

Castellan of the Keep: bros

Join Today!

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